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the answer is -11 13

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Q: What is twelve minus negative one?
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What are five names for negative twelve?

Minus twelve

What is one fourth multiplied by negative twelve minus eight?


What is negative four minus negative twelve?

neg 16

What is negative thirteen minus twelve?

-25 is the answer :)

What is minus twelve plus minus eight?

-20 negative 20 minus 20

What minus twelve equals negative three?


What is five minus twelve?

negative seven, -7

What is negative one and one over twelve minus negative one over four?

-1 + 1/12 + 1/4 = -2/3

What is negative twelve minus twelve?

it isnegative 24

What is negative six minus twelve?

It is: -6-12 = -18

What is the answer for five times negative two minus twelve subtract negative two?

- 20

What is -12 - 6?


What is twelve eighths minus one sixth?

Twelve eighths minus one sixth is one and one third.

What is forty eight minus negative twelve?

When you minus a negative number it is the same as adding a positive number, since minus a negative number is a plus. So 48 minus (-12) is 48 + 12 = 60

What is negative twenty nine minus negative twenty one?

Negative twenty nine minus negative twenty one is negative eight.

What is negative 3 minus 1?

a minus three minus an neative one is a negative four

What is twelve minus fifty-one?

12 minus 51 is -39.

What word has six letters minus one and twelve is left?


What is the answer to 12--4?


What is twenty four minus negative twelve?

24 - (-12) = 24 + 12 = 36

What is twelve minus one third?


What is negative one minus negative two?

Positive one.

What is negative 3 minus negative one?

negative 2

What is twelve wholes minus five eighths minus one fourth?


Does twelve divided by minus four equal three?

No, 12/-4 = -3 A negative times negative is positive, so positive divided by negative is a negative.