What is twelve minus seven?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Twelve minus seven is five

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Q: What is twelve minus seven?
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What is five minus twelve?

negative seven, -7

What is seven times twenty minus twelve?


What is three holes and seven eighths minus twelve eighths?

Two and three-eighths

What is twelve and one sixth minus seven and five sixth?

4 1/3

What does 5 over 6 minus 2 over 8 equal?

seven over twelve

One and one half minus five eights?

1½ = Twelve eighths so the answer is seven-eighths

Is seven and a half greater or less than twelve and seven ninths minus 5 and three eighths?

7 1/2 is greater

What are five names for negative twelve?

Minus twelve

What is twelve eighths minus one sixth?

Twelve eighths minus one sixth is one and one third.

What is minus twelve plus minus eight?

-20 negative 20 minus 20

What word has six letters minus one and twelve is left?


What is twelve minus fifty-one?

12 minus 51 is -39.