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The question is ambiguous and the two possible answers are:

Twelve times (a number and 5 times the number) = 12*(n + 5n) = 12*6n = 72n

Twelve times a number amd five times the number = 12*n + 5*n = 17*n

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Q: What is twelve times the sum of a number and five times the number in algebraic expressions?
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Algebraic expressions 5 times a number?

If n is the number 5n is 5 times the number.

What does ab mean in algebraic expressions?

a times b

What are the kinds of algebraic expressions?

x+5: - means a number increased by 5 n - 3: - means a number decreased by 3 5x: - means 5 times a number 5n + 3: - means 3 more than 5 times a number 100 - means one hundred divided by a number n

What is the difference between 8 times a number and -6 times a number What is the algebraic expression?


Writing algebraic expressions?

There is only one extra rule to algebraic expressions over normal numerical expressions: when two letters are next to each other it means multiply them together: ab means a times b The multiplication symbol is omitted as it looks too much like the letter 'x' can could be confused as such.

How do you write algebraic expressions in words?

for example, if you have 2x you can write it as : 2 times x or 2 multiplied by x.

What expressions represents the phrase six added to five times a number?

None of the "following" expressions!

What is the algebraic expression is four times a number?


What is the algebraic expression for 9 times a number?


What is the algebraic expression for the difference between seven times a number and three times that number?

7/ 3/

What is the algebraic expression of a number increased by 9 times the number?


What does 4m mean in algebraic expressions?

It means 4 times "m" - in other words, 4 multiplied with whatever value the variable "m" happens to have.

What is the algebraic expression for the sum of four times a number plus five times another number?


What is an algebraic expression for 3 times a number x?


How do you write 7 decreased by 4 times a number?

It can be: 7-4x as an algebraic expression

Two times the product of negative six and a number What is the algebraic expression?


What is the algebraic equation for a number plus twice the number is equal to three times the number?

n + 2n = 3n

What do the letters mean in algebraic equations?

The letters in most algebraic equations mostly represent the value of the number or often at times the gradient.

6 times the sum of 4 and y?

Algebraic expressions are useful for translating problems into the language of mathematics. An algebraic expression for the problem "6 times the sum of 4 and y" would be: 6(4+y) = 24 + 6y.

What is the algebraic expression for 4 times the sum of a number and 20?

what is 4 times the sum of a number squared and 3

Eight times a number is seventy-two in algebraic expression?


What is the algebraic expression for Eight times a number is seventy-two?

8x = 72

What is the Algebraic expression for a quotient of 6 times a number and 23?


What is the algebraic expression of three times the number eight?

3 x 8

What best describes the algebraic expression 13x-4?

The difference of thirteen times a number and four.