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26 minus 19 is 7.

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Q: What is twenty-six minus nineteen?
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How do you write April twentysix nineteen ninety two in roman numeral's?

In today's terms April-26-1992 converted into Roman numerals is April-XXVI-MCMXCII.

What is positive two minus negative nineteen?

2 minus -19 is 21.

When can nineteen minus 1 be twenty?


What is the answer of thirty seven minus nineteen?


When was Twentysix Gasoline Stations created?

Twentysix Gasoline Stations was created in 1963.

How many pages does Twentysix Gasoline Stations have?

Twentysix Gasoline Stations has 48 pages.

What does one hundred minus what equals nineteen?


What is nineteen twentieths minus two fifths?

It is: 11/20

What is two fifths minus seven eighths?

Nineteen fortieths

What is nine tenths minus four fifteenth?

nineteen thirtieths

What is forty-seven and seven tenths minus twenty-three and nineteen hundredths?

Get good

What is nineteen thirds minus two?

4 1/3 or 13/3

What is nineteen minus four eighths?

18.5. You should get a calculator that can do fractions or use

What is twentysix ninths as a decimal?

2.8888888 repeating

What is 19-3 as a verbal expression?


What is twentysix divided by eight?

26 / 8 = 3.25

What is a twentysix sided figure called?

Escher rocks

How can you take one from nineteen and still leave twenty?

Negative 19 minus 1 equals negative 20

What does seven and one fifth minus three and one fourth equal?

It is three and nineteen twentieths or 3.95 in decimal.

What is 1 over 7 minus 4 over 9?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, 1/7 - 4/9 = -19/63 (that is, minus nineteen sixty-thirds).

How do you write 26 as a fraction?

26/1 Twentysix over one.

What do 26.15 look like in word form?

Twentysix point one five

What page is the spongebob pencil pot is hidden on?

page twentysix

What is 2 and one third minus 6 and nineteen twenty-firsts?

Expressed as a mixed number in its simplest form, 2 1/3 - 6 19/21 = -4 4/7 or minus four and four sevenths.

How do you do this number in order of operations nineteen plus sixty-three divided by nine times three minus thirteen?

xjdf kg k;ks