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4:00 + 28 would equal 4:28 so twenty eight minutes after four is four twenty eight

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Q: What is twenty eight minutes after 4?
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What is twenty five past eight?

8.25 means twenty-five minutes past eight.

How long is 88 minutes in an hour?

One hour and twenty-eight minutes

What time is it twenty minutes before ten past eight?

It is: ten to eight

What is twenty minutes past eight?


What is twenty five minutes past four?

The answer to 'what is twenty minutes past four?' Is 4:24 or if your wondering what is twenty five minutes past four minutes, well that would be 29 minutes just add twenty five and four.

How many hours are in 148 minutes?

There are two hours and twenty-eight minutes or 2.47 hours in 148 minutes.

What does twenty of eight mean?

Twenty minutes before 8:00. In other words, 7:40.

What time is 20 minutes of?

When someone says it's "twenty of", he/she means it is twenty minutes before an implied hour. For example, twenty of six is 5:40, twenty of seven is 6:40, twenty of eight is 7:40, etc.

How many minutes between twenty seven minutes past eight and fifty three minutes past two?

326 minuets.

What does the term 20 past 4 mean?

The time is 4:20 or 16:20 Twenty minutes past 4 o'clock or forty minutes before 5 o'clock

In good conditions a bacterial cell splits every twenty minutes how many would be formed from a single original one after one hour?

After twenty minutes there will be two, then after another twenty four, then after another twenty, eight. Now the hour is up.

How many minutes are there in 47 hours?

2820 (two thousand eight hundred and twenty) minutes are the in 47 hours

What is twenty eight divided by seven?


What is one-seventh of twenty eight?


What is 4 Scores and twenty eight?


How many minutes does it take for the sun's light to travel 150 million kilometers to reach Earth?

Eight minutes, twenty seconds.

What is twenty minutes before ten past eight?

ten to eight7:50 + 0:20 = 8:10

What is equivalent to sixteen twenty eight?


A certain amoeba divides every 10 minutes what is it in half an hour?

After ten minutes, there are now two. After twenty minutes, there are now four. After thirty minutes, there are now eight. In Half an Hour (30 minutes) you have eight amoeba (assuming none die).

What is four hours and twenty two minutes after six forty eight am?

11:10 a.m.

How many tens go into 280?

Twenty eight of them

What is twenty eight over twenty one in simplest form?

4/3 or 1 and 1/3

How many minutes are there in 28000 seconds?

The amount of minutes that are there in 28,000 seconds is 466.666667 minutes. The amount of hours that are in twenty-eight thousand seconds is 7 7/9 hours.

What is twenty four hours divided by four eight minutes?

24 hours is equal to 1440 minutes. If you divide this by 48 minutes, you get 30.

How do you say It's twenty minutes till nine.?

five minutes to 3 quarters past eight. 40 minutes past eight Zwanzig vor neun (in German) Almost nine