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Four times as much as what you started with divided into four equal parts.

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Q: What is twice as much as half of what you started with?
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Why is the answer to 8 times two thirds exactly half of the answer to 8 times one third?

It's not half as much, it is twice as much. And it is twice as much, precisely because 2/3 is twice as much as 1/3.

When is half brothers twice removed day?

There is no special day for half-brothers, much less for half-brothers twice removed (a relationship name that has no meaning).

How much does a box of matches weigh?

Twice as much as half its weight

How much does the average thumb weigh?

Twice as much as half a thumb.

What is 100ml?

half of 200ml or twice as much as 50ml

How much does a jet pack cost?

twice half its price

What is the coefficient of friction for bicycle tires?

twice as much as half of it!

Is a half twice nothing?

No, half of twice is once.

How much is 14?

14 is 7, twice. 14 is half of 28.

How much greater is a half that 1 quarter?

2/4 is twice as much as 1/4

How much is a Yamaha FG 332 guitar in good condition worth?

It is worth twice as much as half

Can you run something with half the cores but twice the Hertz?

A machine like that would require twice as much power and would prove to be ineffective.

How do you spell double?

That is the correct spelling of "double" (twice as much or as many, to fold in half).

Will a candle burn twice as longer in an inverted liter jar than in a half-liter jar?

Yes. There is twice as much oxygen in a liter jar.

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Twice as much as a Fligger Stuch during glibber season. Only a half as much as a bundter fug after quiffer.

What is in a once?

There is half of what is in a twice.

Can you buy a premixed antifreeze for your car?

Yes, it is more convenient, but it is the same price as 100% anti-freeze. So you are get half as much + half gal. of water., or paying twice as much.

What is twice the half of two and a half?

Two and a half, surely.

What number is twice as many as half of 50?

Half of 50 is 25 and twice of that is 50. So 50.

How much does 1 quarter mean?

One quarter means one fourth of something and you work it out by halving something twice half it half it again

How many calories in a half cup of milk?

Twice as much an in a quarter. 25% of those in 2 pints.

How many grains of rice do you need to feed a person?

About half a cup. when you boil it, it will grow twice as much.

Is 1 fourth greater than 1 half?

No. 1/2 is twice as much as 1/4.

A note that is held twice as long as a half note?

A whole note is held twice as long as a half note.

What is more 4 quarts or 1 half gallon?

Four quarts is one whole gallon, so it's twice as much as one half gallon.