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2.3 percent glucose solution and .3 percent sodium solution

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Q: What is two-thirds and one third intravenous solution?
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Intravenous solutions are intended to be given through the veins. Very large quantity of solution can be given via this route. It is usually a isotonic solution. You have 'normal' or isotonic solution of sodium chloride. It is called as NS. It contains 0.9 % sodium chloride. Then you have 5 % dextrose solution called as 5D and combination of the two above. It's called as DNS. Then you have one solution called as Ringer's lactate. It's like physiological fluid in the blood. All these solutions contain electrolytes and / or dextrose and pure water. There are many other specially designed intravenous solutions.

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i think it is one third of the hypochlorite solution and remaining normal saline

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= Answering "" =

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