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11/5, 2.2 it is equal to eleven fifth.

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Q: What is two and one fifth equal to?
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Related questions

Does one fifth equal two tenths?

Yes, one fifth is the same as two tenths.

One fifth and two tenth are which fractions?


What fraction is one fifth equal to?

One fifth is a fraction, so it's equal to one fifth or 1/5.

What does seven and one half minus two and one fifth equal?

A number.

What kind of fractions are one fifth and two tenths?

Vulgar and equal

What number is equal to one-fifth?

There are many fractions that are equal to one fifth. To find them, you multiply any whole number, (1/5 times 2) and find the answer. (2/10) When you reduce two tenths, (or any fraction) divide 2/10 by 2 and get 1/5. Two tenths and one fifth are equal.

Is two tenths equal to one fifth?

Yes - expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, 2/10 is equal to 1/5 or one fifth.

What does 5 to the one fifth power equal?

one fifth

What does one fifth mean?

1 fifth is one equal piece of a whole that was divided into 5 equal pieces.

What is two fifth equal to?


What fractions are one fifth and two tenth?

They are equivalent fractions, each equal to 0.2

One fifth of something equal seven?

7 is one fifth of 35.

Is two-fifth equal with 0.4?


What is two fifth minus one tenths equal?

2/5 minus 1/10 is 3/10.

What does one fifth equal?


What does one fifth equal to?


What is two fifths divided by one fifth?

Two fifths divided by one fifth is two.

What is one fifth of thirty two?

One-fifth of thirty-two is six and two-fifths.

How many mm equal one fifth inch?

One-fifth of an inch = 5.08 millimeters

How many teaspoons equal one-fifth of a cup?

there are about 9 teaspoons in one fifth of a cup

What is seven and six fifths equal to?

Since five fifths equal one whole, 6/5 would equal one whole plus one fifth. So 7 plus 1 and one fifth is 8 and 1 fifth or 8 1/5

Is two fifths greater than two eighths?

VES one fifth is equal to .200 while one eighth is equal to .125 therefore 2 fifths is equal to .400 while 2 eighths is equal to .250 .

Two and one fifth divided by one fifth?


What is 1 fifth plus 1 fifth?

One fifth plus one fifth is two fifths (2/5).

What does 1 over 5 equal?

One-fifth is equal to 0.2.