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Q: What is two and one half percent of twentyfive?
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Related questions

What is two and one half as a percent?

It is 250 percent.

What is one half percent of two million?


What is sixty two and one half as a percent?


Is one half greater than two ninths?

Yes because one half is fifty percent while two ninths is twenty two perent

What is 2 and a half percent of 200?

The answer to two and a half percent is easy. Simply find one percent,double it to get two percent and then half one percent to find the half. Put them together and you have two and a half percent.

What twentyfive percent of eighty?

25 percent of eighty is twenty.

After two half-lives what percent of radioactive isotope is remaining?

After one half-life, one half (1/2) is remaining. So, after two half-lives, one fourth (1/4) of the material should remain.

What is a twentyfive in swimming?

A 25 in swimming is one lap. A 50 is two laps, a 100 is 4, and so on.

How many names are there for one-half?

I can think of four: one-half, fifty percent, two quarters, four eighths , and so on.

What is two and half percent of 370000?

what is 2and a half percent of 374000

What is the fraction form for 50 percent?

50% is equal to one half, or one over two.

What is two and one half percent as a fraction?

percent is per 100, so 2.5/100 is simplified as 1/40

What does 250 percent of a number means?

Two and one half times the original number

One half of a circle plus two tenths of a circle is what percent of a whole circle?


How do you write out in numbers two hundred and twentyfive thousand dollars?


Is 2.5 percent two and a half percent?

yes they are the same

How do you convert a percent into a whole number?

If you have 50% you take the percent sign away so then it is 50. notice there is a decimal point after that you move the decimal two spaces to the right so its .5 or one half

In maths what is 2 and a half percent of 84?

84 * 0.025 = 2.1Two and one tenth

For every one percent of ozone reduction the amount of UV radiation reaching the earths surface is increased by about?

11/2 to 2%- one-half to two percent

What is fifty percent of four hundred?

Fifty percent means half. Half of four hundred is two hundred.

What is two and a half as a percent?


What do you call 0.25 in maths?

" a fourth", "a quarter", "point two five" or "point twentyfive"

What is 25 percent of 10?

Two and a half.

What is another name of one half?

Fifty percent. Two quarters. 1,763,112,283,286 3,526,224,566,572nds.

How much is 2 quarters?

two quarters is equal to one half.