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No, it should be 2.76

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Q: What is two and seventy six hundredths?
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How do you spell 276?

The correct spelling is "two hundred and seventy-six."

6.72 in words?

Six and seventy-two hundredths.

How do you write two hundred seventy six and thirty three hundredths in decimal form?

Two hundred seventy-six and thirty-three hundredths in decimal form is written as 276.33

What is 2.76 in word form?

Two point seven six.

How do write 0.76 in words?

seventy-six hundredths

What is eighty-five and seventy-six hundredths in decimals?

Eighty-five and seventy-six hundredths = 85.76

How do you spell 2273.06?

Two thousand two hundred seventy-three and six hundredths.

what is six and seventy two hundredths as a decimal number?

I d know doggy

Which is bigger seventy-five hundreds or six tenth?

seventy-five hundredths = 0.75 and six tenths is 0.60 SO ... seventy five hundredths is bigger.

How do you spell 265573.76?

Two hundred sixty-five thousand, five hundred seventy-three and seventy-six hundredths.

How do write 32.76 word form?

32.76 = thirty-two and seventy-six hundredths.

How do you spell 572.96 in words?

Five hundred seventy-two and ninety-six hundredths.