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three forths

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Q: What is two fourths plus one fourth equal?
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What is One fourth plus one fourth plus one fourth equal to?

three fourths

What does three fourths plus one half equal?

one and one fourth

What does one fourth plus one half plus three fourths equal?

Five tenths

What is one fourth cup plus one fourth cup equal?

one half cup, or two fourths cup.

What does one fourth plus three fourths equal?

4/4 or 1

What is 1 fourth plus 3 fourth's?

one-fourths + three-fourths = four-fourths = one whole

Does one fourth equal one half?

No, two one-fourths (two-fourths) equal one half.

What is one fourth equal to?

One Fourth is equal to two eighths.

Whats is one forth plus one forth plus one forth?

Three-fourths is one-fourth plus one-fourth plus one-fourth.

Is three fourths equal to one half plus one fourth?

Yes.1/2 + 1/4 = 2/4 + 1/4 = 3/4.(In other words, a half is equal to 2 fourths. 2 fourths plus 1 fourth equals 3 fourths.)

One fourth plus two fourths equals what?

three fourths

What is 1 fourth plus 1 fourth?

2 fourths or one half

What percent of a circle is one half of a circle plus one fourth of a circle?

1 half = 2 fourths 1 fourth plus 2 fourths = 3 fourths = 3/4 = 75%

What is one half plus three fourths?

One half plus three fourths is equal to five fourths or 5/4.

What is nine and one fourths plus three and three fourths equal?


How do you add one fourth plus one half?

One half is two fourths, add one fourth makes three fourths I call that three quarters.

What is one fourth plus three eights plus five twelfths?

First we convert to the same type, which is twenty-fourths: 6 twenty-fourths + 9 twenty-fourths + 10 twenty-fourths = 25 twenty-fourths or 1 and 1 twenty-fourth.

What is two and one half plus one and one-fourth?

it is three and three fourths

What is two and a half plus three fourths?

three and one fourth

What is negative one fourth plus three fourths?


What is one-fourth plus three-fourths?


One fourth of a circle plus one half of a circle is what percent of a circle?

One fourth of anything plus one half of the same thing is three fourths of it (75%).

What is the answer to 15 and three fourths plus 15 and one fourth?

That would be... 31 !

What is 2 and three fourths divided by 1 and one fourth equal?

It is equal to 2 1/5

Is one and one fourth equal to three fourths?

No. 1 and a fourth is 11/4 = 5/4 = five fourths three fourths is 3/4 1 and something cannot be equal to anything less than 1.