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There is no such numbers.

If you used 9 and -4 then you will get 5 when you add them but you will get -36 when you multiply them.

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Q: What is two numbers that when you add them equals five and what are the same to numbers when you multiply them equals 36?
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What is five sevenths equivalent to?

It is equivelent to many things, just multiply both the top and bottom numbers by the same factor

How do you multiply the prime numbers themselves to determine the product?

Prime numbers are multiplied together in the same way as any integers may be multiplied together.

What If the denominator is not the same?

Multiply the denominators to equal numbers, then multiply by the same number for the numerator. Then solve.

What does ce equal?

it equals the same number you multiply it by

What two numbers can you multiply and get 216 and then add the same numbers and get 15?

i do not no

What are 3 same numbers 1 digit that when you multiply them you get 60?

There are no such numbers.

What five digits number when you multiply by four is the same the number when you reversed it?

five digits number when you multiply by four is the same the number when you reversed it is 21978*4 = 87912

How do you multiply a numerator by a denominator?

The same way in which you would multiply any two numbers.

Which of these numbers does 5 have a value the same value as five tens?


How do you multiply three integers if they have the same sign?

The product has the same sign as the numbers.

What two same numbers multiply to get 343?

18.52026 (rounded)

Can You Multiply More then 2 Numbers At The Same Time?


How do you multiply 471.5 with 21.3?

The same way you multiply any other decimal numbers. The result is 10,042.95.

What two same numbers multiply to get 216?

There are no two identical whole numbers that multiply to get 216. However, 14.69694 * 14.69694 = ~216 As a sidenote, your question is the same as asking "what is the square root of 216?"

How do you multiply by a odd number and prime number?

There is nothing special about either of those. Multiply them as you would any other numbers.

How do you multiply three numbers?

Do it in any order, it will always come out the same.

What three numbers are the same when you mutiply them?

1, 2 and 3 are the same whether you multiply or add them.

What is the past tense of five?

Numbers have no tenses. So: 'I have five apples' is the same as 'I had five apples'.

What does two thirds equal?

To find what equals 2/3, you can multiply the numberator and denominator by the same number to get an equivalent fraction. For example, multiply both numbers by 11 is 22/33. You can also change the fraction to a decima by dividing the numerator by the denominator.

Why can't you square root a negative number?

Whenever you multiply two numbers, if they have the same sign, then the answer is positive.When you multiply a number by itself, both numbers in the multiplication obviously have the same sign,so the answer is positive.So there's no number that gives a negative answer when you multiply it by itself.

How do you multiply and divide integer?

Exactly in the same way that you would multiply and divide whole numbers which is another name for integers

What is another word for multiplication?

Multiply, Times, Add same numbers, Product

ShayLea said that if you multiply the numerator and denominator of a fraction by the same number ou get an equivalent fraction Is this true Why or why not?

This is true; if you multiply both numbers by the same number, the proportion will remain the same.

Why when you multiply two negative numbers you a positive?

That's just the way it works. Same with dividing two numbers.

What two numbers multiply to get 128 and add to get 8?