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Q: What is two over five multiplied by ten?
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What is two over three multiplied by five over seven?

10/21 or ten over twenty-one

What is Thirty five times two over ten?

35 multiplied by 2/10 is 7.

What is two and five sixths multiplied by six?

150 over 6

What is the equivalent fraction of two over ten?

one over five

What is two equalent fractions to two over five?

4 over ten, and 6 over 15

Is 2 over 3 more than 10 over 15?

They are equal. On ten over fiteen, divite ten by five and fifteen by five, it equals two over three.

What is 10 × (2.5 + 13.5) in word form?

Ten multiplied by open bracket, two point five plus thirteen point five, close bracket.

What is the LCD of two over five and nine over ten?

at is the LCD of two fifths and nine fifths

What is ten multiplied by two firth?

10 multiplied by 2/5 is 4.

What is four multiplied by two over five?

4 x (0.4) = 1.6 (0.4 is 2 over 5 in decimal)

What is ten point nine two multiplied by ten?

10.92*10 is 109.2

What is 0.6 as a fraction in simplest?

The answer is three over five. It's original form is six over ten. (divide by two and you get three over five.)