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Q: What is two over fourteen in lowest terms?
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What is 2 over 7 in lowest terms?

Two over seven is already in lowest terms. It cannot be reduced any further.

Is 40 over 100 in lowest terms?

Divide 40 and 100 by 20 and you get: 2/5 (two over five) which is the lowest terms.

What is six over two in lowest terms?

6/2 in lowest terms in 3/1 or 3.

What is 13 over 26 in lowest terms?

the answer for 13 over 26 is 1 over two

Is 6 over 14 in lowest terms?

No, you can divide both of them by two.

What is the lowest terms of 72 over 84?

6 over 7. (divide by two, then by two, then by three)

What is the lowest terms for two thirtyninths?

2/39 is in its lowest terms.

What is 10 over 25 in lowest terms?

2/5. 2 over 5. Two fifths

How do you get 22 over 28 in lowest terms?

Divide both numbers by two. 11/14

What is four tenths in lowest terms?

Four tenths in lowest terms is 2/5 or two fifths.

What is an equivalent fraction for 21 over 26?

21 / 26 = it's already reduced to lowest terms, the two numbers are coprime

Is two eighths in the lowest terms?

No, that's 1/4