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Q: What is two planes that go on forever and never meet are called what?
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When you meet the person you want to spend forever with you can't wait for forever to begin?

When you meet the person you want to spend forever with, this is called love at first sight. You know from the moment you see them that you love them, and will love them forever.

What are 2 lines in a plane that do not meet?

2 Lines in the same plane that do not meet are parallel. If 2 lines are in different planes and do not meet, then they are called skew lines.

What are lines that never meet called?

parallel lines

What two things never meet or pass?

Two things that never meet or pass are called parallel objects. Or parallel lines.

Why are Lines of latitude are sometimes called parallels because they never?


Two planes are perpendicular if?

If they meet at right angles

What is the def of parallel line?

Two lines that would never meet up if they went on forever (EXACTLY next to each other).

Straight line that never curves?

yes their is it is called a paralel two straight lines never meet

What do you do when he never called back and you called him?

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What are veritcies?

A position where two or more lines or planes meet

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What is the difference between parallel lines and parallel planes?

Parallel lines are two 1-dimensional objects that do not meet. Parallel planes are two 2-dimensional objects that do not meet.

Two lines that never meet?

Parallel Lines will never meet

Do intersecting lines never meet?

No but parallel lines never meet

Do lines of latitude meet and cross one another?

No, lines never meet and cross one another because they are parallel lines and parallel lines never meet or cross each other.

Where do the lines of latitude meet?

Lines of latitude never meet.

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