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Overlapping sets.

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Q: What is two sets with common elements?
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What is mean by Disjoint sets in Mathematics?

Two sets are considered disjoint if they have no elements in common.

When are sets disjoint in math?

When two sets do not have any elements common between them,they are said to be disjoint.

What does the over lap of the two ovals show?

It shows the intersection of two sets; those elements that are common to both sets.

What is it when you have all the elements in two or more sets?

The set of elements that are elements of the two (or more) given sets is called the intersection of the sets.

What is the example of join set?

Joint sets are sets with common elements among them. An example of a joint set, showing the common element, is J=1,2,3,4 and K=5,2,6,7. The number two is the common element among the two sets and therefore considers these sets joint.

What is the combination of two sets?

The combination of two sets is the Union of the sets and contains all the elements of both sets.

What is equal set?

Two sets are equal if they both contain the same elements.

Which sets are equal?

Two sets are equal when they have the same elements.

The intersection of two sets of elements is represented by the word?

the intersection of two sets of elements is represented by the word: a)or b)and c)up

Which of these definitions would make the best explanation for the word intersection?

Da set of elements common to two or more sets

What is for two sets the set of all elements that are in either set?

That is called the UNION of the two sets.

Give three sets having exactly two common elements.?

Integers in the range 0-10. Squares in the range 0-10. Cubes in the range 0-10. Common elements are {0,1}