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If they are the same shapes but differ only in size, then they are SIMILAR shapes. Otherwise, they are simply different shapes.

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Q: What is two shapes that are different sizes called?
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What are two shapes that are the same shape but are different sizes called?

They are said to be similar shapes and have the same interior angles.

How many shapes are on rectanguler prism?

There are three pairs of rectangles which might all be of different sizes. There could be only two shapes: four identical rectangles and two squares.

What are some similarities between an apple and a dog?

Well they both have skin, they come in different colors, different shapes and sizes,and no two are exactly the same.

What are two figures with same shape but different sizes called?

no they are similar

What fraction of two hexagons is the triangle?

The answer depends on the relative sizes of the shapes.

What are two figures who have the same shape but different sizes called?

Similar figures.

What are rocks containing two different sizes of crystal called?

Such rocks are porphyritic.

Why are clouds all different sizes?

Clouds are all different shapes and sizes. Now, this is because of the water vapour. It doesn't settle in a straight line, partly because it doesn't want to! There are no two clouds in the sky that are the same. It is similar with zebras, There are no two zebras with the same stripes.

Focusing on which two central themes in biology would help a student understand why animals come in different shapes and sizes?

Matter and Energy; Homeostasis

What is the scientific definition of a snowflake?

It is not scientific, it is plain and simple. Snowflakes are two snow crystals that when supercooled as entering the atmosphere freeze into different shapes and sizes.

What is the ratio of the trapezoid to the area of the hexagon?

The answer depends on the relative sizes of the two shapes.

Is the hexagon perimeter greater than the perimeter of the pentagon?

It depends on the sizes of the two shapes.