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Two thirds multiplied by one quarter is one sixth.

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Q: What is two thirds multiplied by one quarter?
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What is one and one half multiplied by two and two thirds?


15 and one quarter divided by two thirds equals?

15 and one quarter divided by two thirds equals 227/8

What is two thirds of two and one quarter?

one and one half

What is a quarter of two thirds?

One sixth

What is one half multiply by two thirds?

One half multiplied by two-thirds is two-sixths and if you reduce it would be one-third.

Two and five twelves, multiplied by two and two thirds?


What is two and one-third multiplied by one-half?

It is two-thirds.

What is four ninths multiplied by two thirds?

Four ninths multiplied by two thirds is = to eight twenty sevenths

What is 42 multiplied by one and two-thirds?

42 x 1 2/3 = 70

What is negative two thirds multiplied by 4 and one half?


What is the answer to two thirds multiplied by four and one fifth?

I think it is 2.8.

What is two thirds divided by one quarter?


What minus two thirds is one quarter?

It is eleven twelfths.

Is two thirds bigger than a quarter?

Yes. Two thirds is 66.6 %. A quarter is only 25 %.

What is one and two thirds minus two and one quarter?

We will convert this problem into twelfths. One and two thirds is equal to 20/12. Two and one quarter is equal to 27/12. If we subtract the latter from the former, we get negative 7/12.

What is 2 multiplied by two-thirds?


What are two thirds of five and a quarter?

Two thirds of five and a quarter are three and one half. Five and a quarter is 21/4. Two thirds is 2/3. Multiply the two together and you get 42/12. Reduce to 7/2, and convert back to normal form to get 3 and 1/2.

What is two thirds multiplied by two and one fourths?

two thirds times nine fourths equals eighteen twelfths or nine sixths or 3/2.

What is two thirds of one dozen?

one dozen is 12 one third of 12 is 12 divided by 3. That = 4. So 2 thirds is 4 multiplied by 2 = 8. two thirds of one dozen is 8

What is 27 multiplied by two thirds?


What is 165 multiplied by two thirds?


Two thirds multiplied by two thirds?

2/3 * 2/3 = 4/9

What is negative five thirds multiplied by negative two thirds?


What is three multiplied by two-thirds?

3 x 2/3 = 2.

What is one fifth x 1?

The correct answer is "one fifth". Any quantity multiplied by 1 always equals the same quantity. Example: two and a quarter cms multiplied by 1 equals two and a quarter cms.