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two thirds times nine fourths equals eighteen twelfths or nine sixths or 3/2.

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Q: What is two thirds multiplied by two and one fourths?
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What is two thirds multiplied by one quarter?

Two thirds multiplied by one quarter is one sixth.

Is two thirds and two fourths equivalent?

No, two thirds and two fourths aren't equivalent.

Does Two thirds equal three fourths?

No, two thirds does not equal three fourths.

Is two thirds of three fourths the same as three fouths of two thirds?

Yes. One half.

What is two thirds of four and one fourths?

one and four sixteenths

What is two thirds plus one fourths?


What is one and one half multiplied by two and two thirds?


What is five and two thirds minus two and three fourths?

(five and two thirds) minus (two and three fourths) = 2.91666667

What is 1 and two fourths add 1 and two thirds?

1 and two fourths add 1 and two thirds = 2

What is the answer to two and one fourths times two thirds?

1 1/2

What fraction is bigger two fourths or two thirds?

Two thirds is bigger.

What is one half multiply by two thirds?

One half multiplied by two-thirds is two-sixths and if you reduce it would be one-third.

What is two thirds in fourths?

2/3 cannot be expressed in fourths.

What is three fourths times two times one and one thirds?

2 and a half

What is two and one-third multiplied by one-half?

It is two-thirds.

What is two and one fifth multiplied by three and three fourths?


What is more three fourths cup of two thirds cup of dry dog food?

Three fourths is more than two thirds.

What is one and two thirds times three fourths?

1 1/4

Is Two fourths larger than two thirds?


What is the least common denominator for one over two two thirds and three fourths?


What is four ninths multiplied by two thirds?

Four ninths multiplied by two thirds is = to eight twenty sevenths

What is one half of two thirds of three fourths of one hundred?

The answer is twenty-five (25).

What is 42 multiplied by one and two-thirds?

42 x 1 2/3 = 70

What is negative two thirds multiplied by 4 and one half?


What is the answer to two thirds multiplied by four and one fifth?

I think it is 2.8.