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"Of" in math means to multiply.

that's 2/3 x 5/8

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Q: What is two thirds of twenty and five eigths in fractional form?
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What is five eigths times two thirds?

5/8 * 2/3 = 10/24 or 5/12

What is twenty and one third minus five and two thirds?

14 and two thirds

How many thirds are in twenty five over three?


What is two thirds of three hundred twenty-five?


What is 1 half of five eigths?

five sixteenths

What is five eigths as a decimal?


What is five eigths of sixty four?


What is five minus three and five eighths?

One and three eigths

Which is greater five sixths or five eigths?

5/6 is greater.

What is a equivalent fraction for five eigths?


What is one half of two thirds of three fourths of one hundred?

The answer is twenty-five (25).

What is three and one eight plus five and two thirds?

Eight and nineteen twenty-fourths