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Q: What is two thirds plus one tenth equals?
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One third plus what equals two thirds?

One third plus one third equals two thirds.

One third plus one third equals?

One third plus one third equals two thirds. Similarly, one cow plus one cow equals two cows, and one book plus one book equals two books. Have you learned anything today ?

What plus what equals two-thirds?

1 third plus one third =============== There are many other fraction combinations which equal two-thirds. One, for example, is one-half plus one-sixth.

What does one and one-half plus one-tenth equal?

One and one-half plus one-tenth equals 1 and six tenths or one and three fifths.

What is one sixth plus two thirds?

it equals five sixth.

Two thirds plus n equals one what is n?


One third plus two sixth equals?

That would be two thirds.

One fourth plus what equals seven tenth?


What is two thirds plus one tenth?

The sum of 2/3 and 1/10 is 23/30.

What is one tenth plus two thirds?

The sum of 1/10 and 2/3 is 23/30

What does two and one third plus six and one third equals?

Eight and two thirds.

What is One third plus two third?

That equals 3 thirds which is also equal to one.

Does two thirds plus three eighths equals one and one twenty forth?


What is three sixths plus one sixths equals?

4 sixths, or two thirds.

What is two thirds plus one half plus two thirds?

Seven thirds

One over eighth plus two thirds?

If you are asking one-eighth plus two-thirds then the answer is 14/16 which reduces to 7/8. Find the least common denominator (16) If you are asking one over one-eith plus two-thirds then the answer is 8 and two-thirds. This is because one over one-eighth means one divided by one eighth. You would invert the denominator (one-eighth) and multiply it to one. Eight over one is the same as eight. One times eight equals eight. Then add eight to two-thirds. This equals eight and two thirds (8 2/3).

What is 5 and 2 thirds plus 4 and one half?

it equals 10 and 1 sixth

What is two thirds plus one third plus one third?

Three thirds

What decimal part of a whole is one half plus one-fourth plus one tenth?

That equals 0.85 of a whole, 0.50 + 0.25 + 0.10.

How do you write out 3 plus 0.1 plus 0.006 in word form?

three plus one tenth plus six thousandths equals three and one hundred and six thousandths

What is two thirds plus five sixths plus one half equals?

2/3 + 5/6 + 1/2 = 2

What is two thirds plus one?

Five thirds, or one and a third.

Is 3 thirds more than one tenth?


What does one thirds equals?

It equals one part out of three equal parts.

What is nine thirds as a decimal?

It cant be written as a decimal apart from 3.0 which is a whole number. The fraction is basically saying that there are 9 thirds which equals three. Three thirds equals one because three thirds equals a whole.

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