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Q: What is two thirds times eighteen?
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What is two thirds multiplied by two and one fourths?

two thirds times nine fourths equals eighteen twelfths or nine sixths or 3/2.

What is two thirds times two thirds times two thirds times two thirds time two thirds?


What is two thirds times 1?

two thirds times one is two thirds.

What is two thirds minus eighteen?

-17 1/3

How many times does two-thirds fit into three and two-thirds?

51/2 times

Two thirds times three?

two thirds cup times three is what combined?

What is three times two-thirds?

two wholes

What is two thirds times 1 equal?

two thirds

What is two thirds of one hundred and seventy eight?

2(178) / 3 = 118 2/3 (read 'one-hundred eighteen and two-thirds').

What is 4 times two thirds?

It is eight thirds.

What is the answer to the fraction twenty-one minus eighteen and two thirds?


What does two thirds times two thirds times two thirds times two thirds equal?

(2/3) x (2/3) x (2/3) x (2/3) = (2/3)4 = 16/81

How you explain to get 8 thirds in two and two thirds?

Six times a third equals two, and you have two thirds left over.

What is the answer to four thirds times two thirds?


What is to thirds of two thousand and seven hundred dollars?

1800 dollars ! Eighteen Hundred Dollars !

How is two thirds of six nine?

Two-thirds of six is not nine. Rather, two-thirds of six is four. You can find this by realizing that two-thirds of six is the same as six-thirds of two. This equates to two times two, which is four.

What is four and six thirds times six and two thirds?


How much sand for eighteen square feet by four inches deep?

Two thirds of a cubic yard.

What is 10 and two thirds minus 5 and thirteen over eighteen equal?

4 and 17/18

What is 6 times 4 and two thirds?

4 and two thirds = (4(3)+2)/3 = 14/3 6 times 4 and two thirds = 6 * (14/3) = 28

What is eighteen times eighteen?

324Eighteen times eighteen is 324.

What is five thirds of eighteen?

Five thirds of eighteen is thirty. There are two ways to find this. One is to multiply 5 (the numerator) by 18, which gives you 90. Then, divide 90 by 3 (the denominator). This gives you 30. The other way is to divide eighteen by 3 to find one third of 18. To find 5 thirds of 18, simply multiply one third of 18 by 5.

What is the answer to two times eighteen hundredths?


What is eighteen and two thirds divided by two and one thirds?

18 2/3 / 2 1/3 56/3 / 7/3 56/3 * 3/7 your answer is 8

What is 60 times two-thirds?

60*2/3 = 40

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