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2 × 7 - 32 ÷ 8 = (2 × 7) - (32 ÷ 8) = 10

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Q: What is two times seven minus thirty-two divided by eight?
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X divided by seven minus eight equals negative seventeen?

×/11-9=-8 what is ×

What is eight and two tenths minus eight and seven tenths?

It is minus one half.

What is negative seven minus negative four minus eight?


What is eight minus two thirds?

Eight minus two thirds would be seven and one third.

What is eight minus seven?

8 - 7 = 1

What is minus eight add seven?

Negative 1.

What is seven divided by eight?


What does positive seven minus negative eight equal?


What is the answer for ten minus nine eighths?

Ten minus nine eights equals eight and seven eighths.

What is eight ninths minus seven eighths?

8/9 minus 7/8 = 1/72

What is five thousand seven hundred sixty-five divided by thirty-eight?

"What is five thousand seven hundred sixty-five divided by thirty-eight?" Five thousand seven hundred sixty-five divided by thirty-eight is 151.71052631578947368421052631579

What is seven over eight minus five over eight?

2/8 or 1/4

What is eight divide by seven?

eight divided by seven equals 56.....good luck if this is home work!

What is twenty eight divided by seven?


What is negative eight divided by seven?


What is seventy seven divided by Eight?


What is eight p plus seven is nine p minus six?

the answer is no

How much is four times seven minus six divided by two?


What is eight divided by seven?

1.142 (it goes on after that, but this is it simplified)

Is seven divided by 0.08 eqivalent to 7000 divided by eight?

Close. It's 700 divided by 8 .

What is thirty seven point one divided by eight?

37.1 divided by 8 is about 13.

What is one whole minus one over eighth?

seven over eight

What is nine and three eighth minus eight and seven eighth?

the answer is 1/8

What is nine and three eighths minus eight and seven eighths?


What type ofwhat type atom has eight protons seven neutrons and nine electrons?

An atom that has eight protons, seven neutrons and nine electrons is an oxygen atom because of the eight protons, seven neutrons makes it a particular isotope of oxygen, and with nine electrons means that it is an ion with a charge of minus one, this is unusual because oxygen tends to form ions with minus two not minus one