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The radicand which is the name for the number that you are trying to solve the square root of.

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Q: What is under the radical sign?
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Related questions

The number under the radical sign?

the number under the radical sign is called the radicand

What is the number under the radical sign known as?

The number under the radical sign (also known as the radical) is called the radican.

What is the number under the radical?

A number under a radical sign is known as a radicand.

What is radical function?

A function that has a variable under a radical sign.

You write a radical sign to indicate a square root The number under this sign is called the radical?


What is the number under the radical sign?

It's called the radicand.

A square root shows a number under?

the radical sign

Is the number under the radical sign called a radicand?


What is the expression b2 4ac under the radical sign in the quadratic formula?

The discriminant.

What is the number under the radical sign called?


What is radical x times radical x?

"Radical x times radical x" could be interpreted as the square root of x times the square root of x - in which case the product would be x (the number under the radical sign)

When you multiply a radical number with another radical number do the radical signs cancel each other out?

Not necessarily. If it is the same radical number, then the signs cancel out. Radical 5 times radical 5 equals 5. But if they are different, then you multiply the numbers and leave them under the radical sign. Example: radical 5 * radical 6 = radical 30

When did Rudolff introduce radical sign?

Rudolff introduces the radical sign in 1525.

Who introduced the radical sign?

Christoff Rudolff was a German mathematician who introduced the radical sign in 1525

How do you call the number under the radical sign is this a wrong question?

If you're asking about the grammar, then.. I think it's correct.

Does the rational expression contains square root sign?

Only if the term under the radical (square root sign) can be simplified to a rational expression. For example, √(4x2).

Can you add or subtract under the radical?

Yes, you can add or subtract under the radical.

How do you square root and simplify?

Get a calculator with the radical sign, press on whatever number you want to square root, and then press on the radical sign.

What is the combination of radical sign and together with the number?

a surd . i suspect

How many feet is 200 square feet?

14.14213562 or 10 rad 2 which is 10 radical sign and 2 underneath the radical sign.

When is written in simplest radical form which value remains under the radical?

The radicand is the value under the radical symbol.

What is the square root sign called?

it's called the radical sign

How are radical expressions simplified?

The details depend on the specific radical expression. Normally, you'll want to: * Avoid a perfect square under a radical sign. Take it out, by separating the radical into two parts. Example: root (x squared y) = root (x squared) x root (y) = x root (y). * Avoid a radical sign in the denominator. If you multiply numerator and denominator by the same square root, you get an expression in which there are roots in the numerator, but not in the denominator.

What is the radical form of 2?

It is the digit 2 underneath the radical sign.

If a radical is multiplied by a number or variable you should put the number or variable the radical sign?