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Because Java takes only string values

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Q: What is use of stringargs in main method?
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What is the difference between function and method?

functions have independent existence means they are defined outside of the class e.g. in c main() is a function while methods do not have independent existence they are always defined inside class e.g. main() in Java is called method. ######## I've been studying OOP lately and had this question myself, so I will share my thoughts; I was taught that "A Function should do 1(one) thing and do it well." In specific Regards to PHP; The difference between a Method and a Function is that a Method is tied to a specific class. Hope this helps. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- function can return value where as method can't that is the main difference between function and method --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Actually you are describing the difference between a function and a procedure. Function returns a value, procedure does not unless you are using c#, then everything is a function. In c# a function, to paraphrase the first answer, does and thing and does it well. A method contains functions. The most important method is the Main method. All functionality of a program must be referenced in the Main method because when you run a program, it starts at the beginning of the Main method, and stops wehn it hits end of the Main method.

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Why you use main method when you can use static method?

The main method is called by the jvm when your program is executed. The main method is a static method: public static void main(String[] args) {} A static method is method that can be run without instantiate the class (creating an object from it) The main method is a static method. No other static method could replace it's functionality. PS By static method do you mean static initialiser? I often use static initialisers instead of a main method, but in these cases you must still have a main method, albeit an empty one ie. public static void main(String[] args) {} Notice that the method has an empty body A main method must be used if you intend to accept parameters at run time from the jvm.

What is use of main method in array?

It funtions the main part of programe.Thank you.

How do you call a method from inside the main method?

I assume the question is about Java. How you call a method from inside the main method depends on whether this is an instance method or a static method. To call an instance method, you need to have a valid instance. Say foo is an instance of class Foo, which was created inside the main method. Then to call the instance method implode() use foo.implode() To call the static method bar() of class Foo, use

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How a function can be called in C Sharp?

C# function or a method can be called as described below: -Public class myClass{int num;public myClass(int n){num=n;}public int returnSquare(){return num*num;}}Public class startUpClass{Public static void Main(StringArgs ar){myClass obj=new myClass(12);int result=obj.returnSquare();}}

Can you write multiple Mains in C-Sharp programming?

No. There can only be one main method, however you can declare new methods, and call them from the main method. Or you can use multi-threading, to simulate having multiple main methods.

Why do you write void to the first of main?

Because main is the first method being executed, the Java Virtual Machine cannot expect any return values from this method. Since void is the term used to refer to a variable that does not return any value, we use the key word void for the method signature of the main method

Is it possible to override the main method in Java?

Theoretically yes. You will use only one main method for your whole java application and hence such a situation will not come up in real life. Imagine: You have a main in class A and one more in class B which extends class A. When you try to run the class B, only that main method will be executed and not the main in class A. So this override is irrelevant and we cannot call class A's main method at all

What is void main?

The main method is the first method, which the Java Virtual Machine executes. When you execute a class with the Java interpreter, the runtime system starts by calling the class's main() method. Themain() method then calls all the other methods required to run your application. It can be said that the main method is the entry point in the Java program and java program can't run without this method.The signature of main() method looks like this:public static void main(String args[])The method signature for the main() method contains three modifiers:public indicates that the main() method can be called by any object.static indicates that the main() method is a class method.void indicates that the main() method has no return value.

What is the use of main method in java?

The Main method is the method in which execution to any java program begins. A main method declaration looks as follows: public static void main(String args[]){ } The method is public because it be accessible to the JVM to begin execution of the program. It is Static because it be available for execution without an object instance. you may know that you need an object instance to invoke any method. So you cannot begin execution of a class without its object if the main method was not static. It returns only a void because, once the main method execution is over, the program terminates. So there can be no data that can be returned by the Main method The last parameter is String args[]. This is used to signify that the user may opt to enter parameters to the java program at command line. We can use both String[] args or String args[]. The Java compiler would accept both forms.

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