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Finding the lowest common denominator

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Q: What is used in changing dissimilar fractions to similar fractions?
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What is the meaning of disimilar fraction?

Fractions that are not equivalent are dissimilar fractions * * * * * The term is used more commonly to refer to fractions whose denominators are different.

Which Device is used to connect dissimilar networks?

Gateway is a network device used to connect two or more dissimilar networks. In networking parlance, networks that use different protocols are dissimilar networks...

How do you use the word dissimilar in a sentence?

Your words are too frequently used; please use a dissimilar word. Apples and oranges are too dissimilar for the purposes of this comparison.

What is used to connect dissimilar networks?

A bridge.

What are used to connect dissimilar networks?

A bridge.

Where are fractions used?

fractions are used in almost everything we do

What is the most common bridge used to connect two dissimilar networks?

Gateway is a network device used to connect two or more dissimilar networks. In networking parlance, networks that use different protocols are dissimilar networks...

what is a reference point that is used for estimating fractions?

benchmark fractions

What are types of fraction?

There are three types of fractions that are used in mathematics. The three types of fractions are, mixed fractions, proper fractions, and improper fractions.

Where were fractions first used?

fractions were first by aboriginal people and where first used in Africa..

When are fractions used in music?

there are fractions in whole steps

How is the metric system and decimals similar?

The metric system is a system of weights and measures. Fractions are usually given in decimal ( base 10 ) notation (e.g. 3.25) as opposed to the vulgar fractions (e.g. 3¼) commonly used in the old imperial system.

How are Fractions used?

To express division of numbers or objects.fractions was used to divied numbers

What is fractions-?

Fractions is a table of content. This is used mostly in math.

How long were fractions used?

Fractions are still used, such as 1/2 and 1/4. It's used for about 350 years.

How is fractions and decimals used in occupations?

decimals are used for prices like $2.95 fractions can be used for data

What are fractions used for in chemistry?

the fractions used in chemistry are mole fraction , molerity , molelity moles etc

What type of welding process is used to join dissimilar metal?

friction welding can be used to join dissimilar metal. Also depending on the metals most arc welding processes and oxy-fuel can used. It's just a matter of using the correct filler material or electrode.

What device is used to connect dissimilar network?


A comparison of dissimilar things used to determine common relationships between them is?


Who invented fractions?

The Egyptians used fractions 4,000 years ago.

Who first used fractions?

the egyptians were the people who first discovered fractions.

What is the name for fractions that are commonly used for comparing measuring and estimating?

benchmark fractions

How long have Egyptian fractions been used?

Egyptian fractions were first used 3500 years ago.

Examples of fractions used in everyday life?

We use fractions in the grocery we use fractions in the grocery shops like half a dozen