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What is used in dividing fractions?

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(a/b) divided by (c/d)



you take any one of the fractions and you "flip it" or the inverse

so let's say originally as we c/d then the inverse would be d/c

so now just multiply


2010-12-06 09:58:25
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Q: What is used in dividing fractions?
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When dividing fractions is a reciprocal used by multiplying?

Yes. One method for dividing fractions is to multiply the numerator fraction by the reciprocal of the denominator fraction.

When dividing fractions or mixed numbers?

what is dividing fractions and mixed numebers

How do you divid fractions?

by dividing it

What is the dividing fractions rhyme?

its Dividing fractions is easy as pie, just flip the second and multiply made by krissy

What is a unique way of how to solve dividing fractions?

There is very little that is unique about the process of dividing fractions. Multiply by the reciprocal.

How are reciprocals used when dividing fractions?

When dividing fractions, take the reciprocal of the second fraction, and multiply the first fraction by the reciprocal of the second fraction. Example: (a/b)/(c/d)=(a/b)*(d/c)

How do you find common denominators with dividing fractions?

When you're dividing fractions ... or multiplying thrm ... they don't need to have the same denominator.

Do you have to have like demonanaters when dividing fractions?


Why does dividing fractions involve multiplication?

Dividing fractions invole multiplacation because you can use it too see how many time's a number goes into another answer. And that is why dividing involves multiplacation.

How do you convert fractions with percent signs into normal fractions?

by dividing the number by 100.

Do you change signs when dividing fractions?


What job do use for dividing fractions?


Does order matter in division of fractions?

Yes it does. Dividing a by b, is not the same as dividing b by a.

How is dividing mixed numbers like dividing fractions?

you cant divide mixed numbers

What is a calculater used for?

A calculator is used for adding, subtracting, dividing, multiplying, decimals, or fractions and is also used for a lot of other uses too.

How do you get the common denominator for dividing fractions?

You don't need a common denominator to divide fractions.

How to Multiply fractions with integers?

Convert the mixed fractions into improper fractions. Convert the integer into a fraction by simply dividing it by 1

Why is it that when solving a dividing fractions problem no actual dividing happens?

It's easier to multiply the reciprocal.

Why do you have to switch the numerator and denominator when dividing fractions?

This is because dividing by a number is the same as multiplying by its reciprocal.

How do you make fractions to decimals?

by dividing the numerator by the denominator

What are the rules for adding subtracting multiplying and dividing fractions?

no answer

Do you need a common denominator for dividing and multiplying fractions?

No you do not.

How does dividing mixed numbers compare with dividing fractions?

When dividing mixed numbers and fractions you have toLeave the first pair of numbers.Change the division symbol into a multiplication symbol.Then flip the other pair of numbers.Last SOLVE!

What are the names of some homework help books that can aid in the learning of dividing fractions?

There are many help books that would aid in dividing fractions homework. These books include Fractions for Dummies and any intermediate math textbook.

Why do you need to find the reciprocal of the divisor when dividing a fraction?

It is not just in fractions. In general, division can be defined as multiplication by the reciprocal. For example, dividing by 5 is the same as multiplying by 0.2. However, it is mainly in calculations with fractions that this is normally used as a practical way of doing the calculations.