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Q: What is used to display data from frequency distribution?
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What is a frequency table used for?

To display data

What table is used to group data into intervals?

Frequency Distribution Table

How is a frequency distribution used?

it is used to find mean<median and mode of grouped data

What are the uses of bar graphs?

It is a visual display used to compare the amount or frequency of occurrence of different characteristics of data and it is used to compare groups of data.

A grouped frequency distribution is used when the range of data values is relatively small. True or false?

False. When the range is large you would use a grouped frequency distribution.

What is used to describe data and what is used to display data in computer?

what is used to describe data and what is used to display data in compuier

What is utility of cumulative frequency curve?

The main utility of a cumulative frequency curve is to show the distribution of the data points and its skew. It can be used to find the median, the upper and lower quartiles, and the range of the data.

Why are unequal intervals used in a frequency distribution?

The most important thing in creating intervals for a frequency distribution is that the intervals used must be non-overlapping and contain all of the possible observations. They are often equal intervals, but sometimes unequal ones are used. It all depends on the data.

What is high modality?

it is a strong word that is used in expositions and arguments if data is in the form of frequency distribution then the modal range is the interval containing the highest frequency of observations

How frequency distribution might be used to understand and improve inventory systems?

Frequency distribution, helps us to understand the trends of data. If gives an idea about how data is spread. To graphically represent the data, a histogram is used. In an inventory system, this measure helps in understanding the demand for different classes of items, based on which inventory ordering can be adjusted. example: In in a shoe store, if the frequency distribution shows that, shoe of size 9 is sold maximum then the store can order more of size 9 shoes.

What are frequency Polygon?

Frequency polygons are graphical devices used for understanding the shapes of distribution.

What graphs are used in frequency distribution?

graph of modulus

How many types are there of frequency distribution?

Introduction:Frequency distribution is used to compress and summarize the whole data by grouping the data into classes and records the data points that fall in each class. The frequency distribution is considered as the base for descriptive statistics and they are also used to define the ordinal, nominal and the interval data. Frequency distribution is the comfortable way of grouping and organizing the data.Example of Frequency Distribution:Consider the frequency table for the students in a class where the data has been grouped according to the height of the students. Range of height Total number of student's cumulative frequency3.0 - 4.5 feet 15 154.5 - 5.0 feet 20 355.0 - 6.5 feet 25 506.5 - 7.0 feet 30 80In the case of nominal data the use of the contingency table is required. The frequency distributions are used to present the data graphically.Types of Frequency Distributions:There are three types of frequency distributions. Cumulative frequency distribution,Grouped frequency distribution,Cumulative Grouped frequency distribution.Cumulative frequency distribution (type 1):The cumulative frequency can be found from the frequency distribution by adding the cumulative frequency column. The highest cumulative frequency should be equal to the total number of frequenciesTemperature Frequency Cumulative frequency47 3 2246 3 1945 4 1544 3 1243 3 9Grouped frequency distribution (type 2):The grouped frequency distribution can be formed by grouping the values together into the class intervals. The range can be calculated using the maximum and the minimum values.Data set for temperature45 48 47 43 4442 45 43 46 4645 47 46 47 4543 47 45 47 4644 43 44 46 47The grouped frequency distribution is given byClass interval midpoint frequency45- 47 46 1542 - 44 43 7Cumulative grouped frequency distribution (type 3):In cumulative frequency distribution the cumulative frequency column is added to the grouped frequency distribution so that we can get the cumulative grouped frequency distribution.Class interval midpoint frequency Cumulative frequency45- 47 46 15 2242 - 44 43 7 7

Is Chart a visual display of numeric data?

Yes, a chart can be used to display numerical data.

What is the definition of measures of center?

Plotting data in a frequency distribution shows the general shape of the distribution and gives a general sense of how the numbers are bunched. Several statistics can be used to represent the "center" of the distribution. These statistics are commonly referred to as measures of central tendency.

What is a data table used for?

A data table is used to organize and display information that are gathered.

What is a chart used to organize data and to tally the frequency of the data?


A tool that can be used to display your data is?


Why is a cumulative frequency distribution so much more informative than just the relative frequency distribution?

It is not. It depends on what question you want to answer. They are both equally informative, but in different circumstances.the CRFD can be used to determine a summary of proportion of observations that lies above(or below) a particular value in a data set which the RFD cannot

What is 2k rule?

The 2k or 2 to K rule is used to determine the number of classes for a frequency distribution. The 2k rule should be used as a guide more than a dictator of determining the number of classes for a frequency distribution.

Can a histogram be used to display and analyze nominal data?

No, it is not suitable for nominal data.

Why you prefer normal distribution over other distributions in statistics?

we prefer normal distribution over other distribution in statistics because most of the data around us is continuous. So, for continuous data normal distribution is used.

What type of graph can be used to display the distribution of a nominal level variable?

It is a bar chart.

What is a frequency chart or table?

It is a kind of display of a given data, in which the frequency of each data item is found.The frequency of a data item is the number of times it occurs in the data set.Tallies are also used to display the frequency of an item in a data.For example,Consider the word "MISSISSIPPI".i, i , i, i, s, s, s, s, p, p, m. these are the letters in the word "MISSISSIPPI"ALTHOUGH TO MAKE A CHART YOU NEED AT LEAST TWO COLUMS TO DO THIS!Letter & their Frequencyi occurs 4 timess occurs 4 timesp occurs 2 timesm occurs 1 timeYou can create a table to display this.This displays the frequency of each letter in the word "MISSISSIPPI". Source:

Why are unequal class intervals sometimes used in a frequency distribution?

Usually because the frequencies at one or both ends of the distribution are very small.

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