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Multiply the answer (quotient) by the divisor. You should get the dividend.

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Q: What is useful in checking a quotient for long division?
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What is the result of long division called?

The result of Long division is called a quotient.

What do you call the answer to a division problem?

The answer to a long division problem is a quotient.

When would you estimate a quotient instead of finding an exact quotient?

when your doing long division and you get lazy. lolololol

How do you Use long division to divide 34,298 by 26, Then, select the true statement?

The answer is the remainder has a quotient of 14

What is A over C as a decimal?

It is the quotient from the long division of A by C.

What does long division look like for 4137?

dividend ÷ divisor = quotient The dividend is 4137, but there is no divisor in the question, so no quotient (answer) is possible. Also, it is difficult to show long division on Answer.

What does division as reapeted subtraction mean?

When you do long division by hand, as you determine the quotient one number at a time, you keep subtracting until you find the complete quotient. Refer to the related link to see an illustration of long division.

Does the quotient of 245 and 8 have two or three digits explain good?

The exact answer is 30.625 . You get it with long division good and no mistakes.

Why is it necessary to put zero when the dividend has a remainder?

If it's long division then it is because the quotient will become a decimal number after its decimal point

What is the word you use in long division?

Long division vocab.: the dividend is divided by the divisor. The remainder is what's left over after the problem is solved. The quotient is the answer! Hope that helps! :-)

How do you find the quotient of 37 divided by 8?


How you know that 1 4th and 0.25 are equivalent?

Any fraction indicates division. If you have ( 1/4 ), just brush off your long division, divide 1 by 4, and you find the quotient of 0.25 .

What are two ways to divide 975 and 25?

If you mean 975 divided by 25 then it can be done by short division or long division and the quotient is 39

Why is long division called long division?

It is called long division because you write down all the numbers for each step to solve the problem and for large numbers there is a lot of writing down. There is a technique called short division which is similar but is more mental, not requiring all the long division steps. But it is usually done only when you are dividing by a small number less than 10, so it is not that useful.

Check for correctness in division math?

ok well here's the thing all u need to do is divide the quotient(the ancwer) multiplied by the divisor(multiplied by the number ur dividing with)it should give u the divident.(divident=the biger number u are dividing) are u doing long division or short? well...i will write both. short division to check ancwer(i will use the subtract sign as the division sign) 10-10=1 so its 1x10=10 long division --100----- < the answer 1 100 again just like the other (short division) multiply the quotient and the divisor (quotient=the answer) (divisor=the number u are dividing with) it should give u the divident.(divident=the bigger number u are dividing with)so... 100 x 1 hope i helped at least a little ! ------- 100

How do you locate the decimal value of a fraction?

Simply take the fraction, and do the long division (numerator) divided by (denominator).The quotient is the decimal way to write the fraction.

The result of divison?

I got some groups I'm gonna make so group how many do I have leftover that's how you solve this long division stuff duhhhhh

In which place would you write the first digit of the quotient for 2.682 divided by four?

If you were doing it as a long division (in standard layout) then above the 6 - just after the decimal point.

How did you get 5 over 16 in decimal form?

By long division.By long division.By long division.By long division.

What is long divsion?

long division is division that is of course long.

How would you do 3030 divided by 15?


What happens to the quotient when the dividend and divisor are mutiplied by the same number?

As long as the number is not zero, the quotient remains unchanged. If the multiplier is zero then the quotient is undefined.

Is that long division box called a division line?

Yep, to do long division the box is called a division bracket.

What is the quotient of dividing 4 times the cube of a number by the sum of the square of the number and 3?

Let n be the number then the quotient Q is given by :- Q = 4n³ ÷ (n² + 3) Performing long division gives Q = 4n - 12n/(n² + 3)

How do you find the quotient of 2.3 divided by 1.12?


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