What is value ansley h fox 20?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Q: What is value ansley h fox 20?
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What is the age and value and how many were made of ansley h fox double barreled shot gun serial number 2991?

Dont know the value but it's pretty old. Most historians started tracking Ansley H. Fox shotguns at serial number 7500 and up. The reason I am writing you is that I too have an Ansley H. Fox 12 gauge double barrel with serial number 1787 on all major parts of the gun, fluid steel-krupp. Hope you and I both find information about these guns. Good Luck, Billy

What year is a ansley h fox double barrelled shotgun serial number 10829?


What is the value of a Ansley H Fox 16 gauge seriel 302845?

The value depends largely on the condition of the gun. In poor condition,but shootable, it would be worth a few hundred dollars. In "like new condition" it could bring $3000.00 or more. Look at it this way. Just like an old coin is appraised by an expert, so is a shotgun. I just happen to own a 16 gauge Ansley Fox. Bought it when I was a kid, about 50 years ago, for $65.00. Thats's when $100.00 a week, was a confortable income.

What year is an ansley h fox 12 gauge double barrel shotgun serial number 35197a?

Your serial number indicates that your A.H.Fox shotgun was made in the year 1940.

What year is a ansley h fox double barrelled shotgun serial nu?

No way of knowing without the model name and number indicated.I can say that A.H.Fox was in business from 1906-1946,With some models made from left over parts until early in the 60,s.

When did A. H. Fox Strangways die?

A. H. Fox Strangways died in 1948.

When was A. H. Fox Strangways born?

A. H. Fox Strangways was born in 1859.

When was William H. Fox born?

William H. Fox was born on 1837-08-29.

When did William H. Fox die?

William H. Fox died on 1913-05-14.

What is the value of your H and R model 642 22WMRF?

20-250 usd

Value of fox shotgun double barrel B-SE Series H?

A Fox shotgun double barrel B-SE Series H is valued at $599 in good condition. It has a 26 inch barrel and a 2 3.4 inch chamber.

What is the age and value of a Savage SxS 20 gauge Fox B-series H Serial B775712?

I have a Savage FOX 20 guage purchased 1969 in CA. Don't know what the value would be today. Mormor, Northern California Chad, I have the same shotgun in 12 gauge. My local gunshop tells me it was made in the late 60's or early 70's and has a value of around $350. Not a bulls-eye, but hit the target. Keith Fitzsimmons Overland Park, Kansas