What is value of 5000 drachma?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: What is value of 5000 drachma?
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What is the numerical value of 5000?

5000 is a numerical value.

What is the value of a 1978 Greek drachma coin in American money?

About 10 cents

What is the value of one apaxme?

I'm assuming that apaxme is another way (perhaps Spanish?) to refer to the Greek Drachma: ελληνική δραχμή. Pardon me if I am mistaken. On January 1 2002, the cash drachma was replaced by the Euro. One drachma equalled 340.75 Euros.

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Value of 100 Drachma Greek?

Greece switched to using the Euro in 2002. 100 Drachma was worth about 43 US cents.

What is the value of a Greek commemorative silver 30 Drachma dated 1865-1965?

30 drachmas

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What is the value of 1947 5000 yuan in US Dollars?


What are the denominations of Ancient Greek money?

talent = 60 mina mina = 100 drachma stater = 2 drachma drachma = 6 obols Other coins: Decadrachm = 10 drachma Tetradrachm = 4 drachma Didrachm = stater = 2 drachma

What is 50 apaxmee worth?

The value of a 50 drachma Greek coin will depend on the design, date and condition.

What is the value of 5000 spanish pesetas in UK money?

What is the value of 5000 spanish pesetas in UK money please

How valuable was drachma in BC?

This is a very difficult question to answer. It is basically impossible to express it as a 21st century value- it may be helpful (and more accurate) to think about it this way:1 drachma is typically a days wages for a semi skilled worker in Ancient Greece. The drachma is made of silver and can be cut into a demi drachma or even further split to represent different amounts. 6000 drachma = 1 talent= 60 lbs (give or take) of silver. It cost Athens 1 talent to build 1 war ship.Hope this helps at least but the drachma into context!