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Not Much If you have a second Year 1938 .But you have a Mauser action on it.That means the barrel is not Winchester. How did you decide that it is a 1938. the only way forsure to know is the Ser.No. on the gun .If it is a Mauser action. It would not have the correct Ser.No.

i have a model 70 serial # 2760 its a 1937- the bolt # should match the barrel# pull the bolt back and look carefully on the bottom and you can see the bolt #

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Q: What is value of second year production model 70 Winchester with mauser action 308?
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In what year was a model 1897 Winchester pump action shotgun serial number 58340 manufactured?

1898 An early one, only the second year of production.

What year is a Winchester Model 74 serial 45604?

Your winchester model 74 was made by winchester in the second full year of production which was 1940.

What year was the Winchester model 1907 sl made Serial number 14729?

Your winchester model 1907SL was made by winchester in the second year of its production which was 1908.

When was Winchester model 9422 22 s-l-lr serial number F96354 made?

With the serial number that you have supplied,your Winchester model 9422 lever action .22 cal rifle was made in the second year of production for this firearm,which was 1973.

When was Winchester model 1894 serial 21280 made?

Your very early model 1894 winchester rifle was made in the second year of production which was 1895.

What is the difference between a gewehr 98 mauser and a karabiner 98 mauser?

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What is the manufacture date of a Model 74 Winchester 22 long rifle with serial number 59580?

Your Winchester model 74 rifle was made in the second year of production,which was the year 1940.

How old is Winchester 12 gage model 1897 serial number 44221?

This is second year production gun, 1898.

What year was Winchester 12 gauge model 50 serial number 25505 made?

With the serial number that you provided,your Winchester model 50 shotgun was made in the year 1955,which was the second year of production.

Winchester model 71 serial number 5948?

If you are asking when your Winchester model 71 rifle was made?I can say that with the serial number you have provided,your model 71 was made in the second year of production which was 1936.

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Your winchester model 71 rifle was made in the second year of production which is 1937.This also means that you have the long tang version of the model 71.

What is value of a Winchester low wall action alone?

The value is dependent upon which variation it is (e.g. First, Second, or Third), and how complete it is. Bert H.

Was the Mauser 1871 rifle ever used in the Second world war?

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