What is value propotion?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Q: What is value propotion?
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What is propotion?

in scirnce

Who invented proportions?

rene propotion

How do you make a propotion?

Depends what kind of proportion you want to make and for what, could be percentages or to figure out the missing value in a side of one figure similar to another, etc

An equation stating 2 ratios are equal?


What are propotion?

proportion are fraction that are being cross multiplied to find an answer

How do you explain the law of variable proportion?

Explain the Law of Variable Propotion

Do killer whales with its parents?

This is due to high propotion of demand and answering these wi killer whales

What are 2 ways you can tell that 2 ratios form a proportion?

what are 2 ways you can tell that 2 ratios from a propotion

What do you understand by 'proper' food?

Proper food mean the balanced food, the food having all the basic components in it and in right propotion. You can look for food pyramid from internet for better undrstanding.

What is difference between GFR and filtration fraction?

the main difference between the gfr and the filtration fraction is that the filteration fraction is mainly use to determine the functional ability of kidnet the filtration fraction is inversly propotion to the plasma flow and diractly propotion to the gfr while the and it is the fraction of the reanal plasmaflow while the gfr is the total amount of the plasma filtered by the nefron of both kidneys gfr valuu is 125 ml per minute and 180 liter per day

What is formed by the chemical combination of two or more elements?

A compound is the pure substance formed from the chemical combination of two or more different elements.

What the law of universal gravitation?

the universal law of gravitation states that the forces of gravity acts between all objects in the universe. -Jerrold Robinson- Universal law of gravitation states that , in each and every object in this universe there is the force of attraction between them which is called gravitation force that is always directly propotion to the masses and indirectly proportion to the squre of the distance between them. i,e. G whose value is constant i,e.6.67*10^-11.