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(vector) times (vector) produces either a vector or a scalar, depending on

whether the vector product or scalar product is performed.

(vector) times (scalar) produces a new vector.

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Q: What is vector product of a vector and scalar quantities?
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Is work scalar or vector?

scalar, produced by the scalar product of two vector quantities ... Force · Distance

Is work is vector?

scalar, produced by the scalar product of two vector quantities ... Force · Distance

What is the product of two vector quantities?

It depends on the type of product used. A dot or scalar product of two vectors will result in a scalar. A cross or vector product of two vectors will result in a vector.

Why two vector quantities multiply gives scalar?

There are (at least) two ways of defining a vector product. One results in a scalar but the other - the cross product or the Gibbs product - is a vector.

Is force a vector quantity?

Yes. because it is the product of a scalar(mass) and a vector(acceleration) quantities.

What is the product of scalar and vector quantity?

The product of scalar and vector quantity is scalar.

What are scalar and vector forces?

There is no such thing as scalar and vector forces. However, there are scalar and vector QUANTITIES, and force is a vector quantity, as all forces have direction and magnitude. Scalar quantities, on the other hand, have only magnitude and no direction.

Describe scalar and vector quantities?


Diffrentiate between scalar and vector quantities?

Scalar quantities are defined as quantities that have only a mganitude. Vector quantities have magnitude and direction. Some example of this include Scalar Vector Mass Weight length Displacement Speed Velocity Energy Acceleration

What is a scalar and vector quantity?

Scalar quantities are those which have magnitude but not any specific direction, but vector quantities have both magnitude and direction.

How are scalar and vector quantities similar?

Scalar and vector quantities give magnitude, and that makes them similar. The difference is that the vector quantity gives direction as well as magnitude.

Why a vector quantity cannot be added as scalar quantity?

Vector quantities have direction and scalar quantities do not. When you add vector quantities, you have to take into account the direction of each quantity.

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