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Vector systems are a branch of mathematics that is used to manipulate measurements that have a value as well as a direction. Common examples are velocity, acceleration, force, etc - measurements involving motion. However, some motion-related measurements are not vectors. Distance, speed are not.

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What is vector system?
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In a 2 - dimensional cartesian coordinate system the y-component of a given vector is equal to the vector magnitude multiplied by which trigonometric function with respect to the angle between vector?

I disagree with the last response. It is implied that the angle you are speaking of is the angle between the x-axis and the vector (this conventionally where the angle of a vector is always measured from). The function you are asking about is the sine function. previous answer: This question is incorrect, first of all you have to tell the angle between vector and what other thing is formed?

What is the difference between a resultant vector and a component vector?

The resultant vector describes the complete vector, magnitude and direction; while the component vector describes a single component of a vector, like the x-component. If the resultant vector has only one component, the resultant and the component are the same and there is no difference.t

What is vector and non vector interrupts?

VECTOR INTERRUPT If the interrupt is assigned to any predefined branching address to its ISR it is termed as vector interrupt. NON VECTOR INTERRUPT If the interrupt is not assigned to any predefined branching address to its ISR it is termed as non-vector interrupt. PRIYAKRISH

What decscribes a vector?

A vector is a quantity described by size and direction. Mathematically, the square of a vector is negative, e.g. i^2 = -1, thus a quantity whose square is negative is a vector, e.g. 5i is a vector because (5i)^2 = -25.

Can you add 0 to null vector?

Yes, you can add anything to null vector.

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What are the projections of a vector along the axes of a coordinate system?

A tangent of the vector is the projection of a vector along the axes of a coordinate system.

The components of a vector will be the same no matter what coordinate system is used to express that vector?

No. The components of a vector will change based on what coordinate system is used to express that vector.

What vector in a system points in the same direction as the linear momentum vector?

The energy vector, cmV = cP. The energy vector is parallel to the Momentum vector.

Why is momentum known as a vector quantity?

A vector quantity is one which transforms like the coordinates. In other words, if a coordinate system is transformed by an operator , any vector quantity in the old coordinate system can be transformed to its equivalent in the new system by the same operator. An example of a vector quantity is displacement (r). If displacement is a vector, the rate of change of displacement (dr/dt) or the velocity is also a vector. The mass of an object (M) is a scalar quantity. Multiplying a vector by a scalar yields a vector. So momentum, which is the mass multiplied by velocity, is also a vector. Momentum too transforms like the coordinates, much like any other vector. The definition of a vector as a quantity having "magnitude and direction" is simply wrong. For example, electric current has "magnitude and direction", but is a scalar and not a vector.

What is the difference between vector software and pixel software?

Vector software - it is developed in the vector mode of the system. It is based on designed tools and graphic mode and vector image, which never change its shapes.. Pixel softwate - it is developed in the pixel mode of the system. It is based on the drawing the dots tools, such types of images are going to be distrubed after its limits and ditorted its shape.. you have need to understand the meaning of pixel and vector. Pixel are the minute dot while vector is the small square which distributed the screen into the pixel and vector. A vector has many pixels.

What is necessary in order to show the correct direction of a vector?

I coordinate system.

Is there only one unique coordinate system in which vector components can be added?


Distance Vector protocols use what algorithm?

Distance Vector protocols use the Bellmanâ??Ford algorithm. The ARPANET system relied on Distance Vector protocols as their main routing technique in the early 80s.

What is the maximun no of components into which a vector can be split?

There is no maximum. A vector can be defined for a hyperspace with any number of dimensions. Such a hyperspace can be described using an orthogonal system of axes and the vector can be split into its components along each one of these axes.

Can a vector be represented in terms of unit vector?

Yes, a vector can be represented in terms of a unit vector which is in the same direction as the vector. it will be the unit vector in the direction of the vector times the magnitude of the vector.

What is a vector?

Definition of a vector. A vector is an object that has each a magnitude and a direction. Geometrically, we can photograph a vector as a directed line segment, whose size is the magnitude of the vector and with an arrow indicating the direction. The course of the vector is from its tail to its head

Would no momentum be conserved for the system if momentum were not a vector quantity?

Momentum would be conserved.

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