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A directional (dimensional) and magnitudinal measurement of the wave form and frequencies that sub-atomic clusters of particles resonate at in order to attract or repel each other.

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Q: What is vectorized sub-atomic energy frequency harmonics?
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Can you say whether a signal is periodic or nonperiodic by looking at its frequency domain plot?

Yes. The Fourier transform of a signal to the frequency domain will give rise to a graph that has energy (is greater than zero) at only the base frequency and its harmonics.

Emission of energy from subatomic particles?


What is the relationship between frequency and energy-?

the higher the frequency the higher the energy

How does energy related to frequency?

The photon energy is directly proportional to its frequency: Energy = Planck's constant * frequency.

Do subatomic particles have kinetic energy?


Spectrum of sine wave contains how many components?

spectrum of sinewave contains how many components The spectrum of a pure sine wave by definition has only one component. Any other periodic wave will additional components at multiples of the fundemental frequency. The spectrum may or may not extend to infinity. A square wave for example has infinite harmonics, the harmonics of a 'modified sine wave' inverter has lower harmonics than a square wave but still has infinite harmonics. As you get closer to a pure sinusiod the energy content of the higher harmonics will be essentially non existent. It all depends how close the wave approximates a pure sinusoid.

How does the changing the frequency affect the energy of the wave?

Higher frequency increases the energy. Lower frequency decreases the energy.

How is energy related to frequency?

Frequency has a great relationship with energy. The higher the amount of energy the higher the frequency will be for example.

What frequency does high energy electromagnetic have?

High energy is high frequency.

What changes the frequency of things?

Energy changes the frequency of things. Specifically, the higher the energy, the higher the frequency.

How are wavelength frequency and energy are related?

Energy of light photons is related to frequency as Energy = h(Planck's constant)* frequency Frequency = velocity of wave / wavelength So energy = h * velocity of the wave / wavelength

How frequency are related to energy?

The higher the frequency the more energy per photon.