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Q: What is vertical line that divides columns?
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What do you call a vertical line that divides columns?

vertical calm

Are rows horizontal or vertical line?

Rows are always horizontal, and columns are vertical. It's easier to remember when you think of rows of seats (like in a sports stadium) which are horizontal, and buildings have tall columns, which are vertical.

How are the vertical columns numbered in a periodic table?

Vertical columns are numbered from 1-18. There are 18 vertical columns.

How do you find the center of a histogram?

It is the vertical line which divides the area of the graph into halves.

What line displays between columns to indicate page breaks and what will be printed on a page?

vertical dotted line

What is a perpendicular bisector on a triangle?

It is a perpendicular line (a vertical line) that divides the triangle into two equal parts.

Where do you find columns?

Column is the term used to describe a vertical line of cells. Columns are identified by letters at the top of the worksheet page.

What is sentence of vertical columns?

The phrase "vertical columns is a redundant phrase since columns by definition would be vertical.Sets of vertical columns rose 60 feet high and lined both sides of the walkway.

What are the vertical columns of a periodic table called?

The vertical columns are called "Groups''The horizontal columns are called "Periods"The vertical columns of the periodic table are known as groups.

What Displays between columns to indicate page breaks and what will be printed on a page?

vertical dotted line

When you separate your notepaper into two columns with an off-center vertical line you have started a?

2-column organizer

How are multiple columns separated from each other in a document?

They can separated just by space, but also by a vertical line.