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Its one cubic meter.

Also 1000 litres (liters in USA)

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Q: What is volume of one meter cubed?
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What is meters cubed?

It is a measure of volume, as in length x width x height. An object one meter by one meter by one meter is one cubic meter (1m^3).

What is the volume of a cube that has a height of 1 meter a width of 1 meter and a depth of 1 meter?

1 meter cubed

Standard unit of volume in the metric system?

meter cubed, mL

When you measure something in meters cubed you using what?

Meters cubed, or cubic meter, is a measure of volume, a.k.a. capacity.

What does volume mean in term of liquid?

It is the amount of liquid there is and it is measured in perfect cubes such as centimeter cubed or meter cubed.

How many centimeters cubed are in one meter cubed?


Is Newton meter cubed equal to normal meter cubed?

Nm3 is a measure for volume of gases, in cubic meter, under special conditions of pressure (1 atm) and temperature ( zero degrees centigrade). The name for this unity is Normal Cubic Meter. It is not Newton meter cubed.

What is the volume of a cube that is 3 meter long one each side?

The volume of a cube equals its side length cubed. In this case it is 3m3 which gives a volume of 27m3

Volume is measured in what unit?

Nolume is measured in unit meter cubed, m3.

What is bigger 1 sq m or 0.2 cubed m?

A square meter is a measure of area. A cubed meter is a measure of volume. They can not be compared against each other.

How many liters in one decimeter?

A liter is a volume (length cubed), a decimeter is a length, a tenth of a meter. Can't convert.

What is the unit that is used for measuring volume?

It is a cube. It can be anything a meter cubed, a centimeter cubed, or a cubic mile. It is shown in math as cm3

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