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What is wavy curve?

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A curve that is wavy. Like a potato.

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Why are sun chips wavy?

Sun chips are wavy because the workers curve them that way and then they dry them.

What is the meaning of wavy lines?

a series of curve lines

Name a type of art draw lines?

horizontal, oblique, wavy, curve, vertical, zigzag, broken, angular, straight, dotted

What word means not straight?

There are several, here are a few examples. bent, twisted, curly, bend, wavy, curve, round, oval.

How do you spell wavy?

Wavy is correct.

How do you say wavy in french?

If you are referring to wavy hair, or a wavy line, it is "ondulé/-e."

Is Shakira's hair wavy or straight?


What is a rectangle with a wavy edge?

a wavy rectangle

How do you use wavy in a sentence?

She has wavy hair. The wavy pattern of that wallpaper is making me feel ill.

Is Pantene better for straight curly or wavy hair?

I think wavy hair only a lil wavy tho

What is wavy in Spanish?

Wavy in Spanish is ONDULADO which means curly

What kind of hair do oceans have?


Does Mary-Kate Olsen have wavy hair or does Ashley Olsen have wavy hair?

Somtimes they both have wavy hair but Ashley Olsen haves most of the time wavy hair.

What is a hinky pinky for turbulent sauce?

wavy gravy

What does the french word wavy mean?

the french say ondule for wavy

What do the wavy lines in math mean?

One wavy line (~) represents similarity. Two wavy lines (≈) means "approximately." THree wavy lines (≋) would most likely mean approximately identical to.

Do golden retrievers have wavy fur?

Not all Golden Retrievers have wavy fur but yes they can have wavy fur. Some Goldens get curly after the have babies.

What are wavy layers in rock deposits called?

Wavy layers in rock deposits form due to folding, which occurs under high pressure and high temperatures. The rock layers bend and create the wavy appearance. Not sure if that is what you're looking for Wavy layers can also simply be a bedform within sedimentary rocks - these are called wavy bedding or wavy lamination.

Do Jaguars have long wavy fur?

No, jaguars don't have long, wavy fur.

What is Wavy Gravy's birthday?

Wavy Gravy was born on May 15, 1936.

When was Wavy Gravy born?

Wavy Gravy was born on May 15, 1936.

Why is wavy hair wavy?

because if your hair curls up up when it is wet then you blow dry it and do not press it out your hair will be wavy unless you are just born with it.

What is the meaning of wavy red line and wavy blue line?

When you automatically check spelling and grammar, Microsoft Word uses wavy red underlines to indicate possible spelling errors and wavy green underlines to indicate possible grammatical errors.Blue wavy underlinesWord uses wavy blue underlines to indicate possible instances of inconsistent formatting.

Phrases and punctuation that differ from grammar rules are marked with a wavy what?

Green wavy line

Can braided weave get wet?

yes, and wet and wavy weave will get more wavy when wet