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Q: What is weight of Hume pipe NP 2 300 mm diameter?
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What is Equivalent length of pipe?

Equivalent length of a pipe is a term applied to express the pressure drop generated by valves and fitting in a pipe. In literature, you usually find ratios of equivalent length to diameter of the pipe. For example, L/D for a fully opened globe valve is 300. This means that, if you have a fully opened globe valve in a pipe and the internal diameter of the pipe is ID=0.05m, then the equivalent length for this globe valve =300*D=300*(0.05m)=15m. Equivalent length of 15 meters means that the globe valve generates the same pressure drop as as straight 15-meter long pipe.

How long will it take to flow 300 gallons through a 1 inch pipe at 55 lbs psi?

Is the 1" inside or outside diameter?

How many gallons in a 10 x 300' feet of pipe?

A 10-inch x 300' pipe holds 1,224 gallons.

How many square feet are in a 300 inch diameter?

A circle with a diameter of 300 inches has an area of 490.87 square feet.

How many feet is 300 cm in diameter?

300 cm is about 9.8 feet.

What is the area of a circle if the diameter is 300 feet?

Pi x 300 = 942.48 ft2

Diameter of a circle is 300 meters what is the circumference?

Circumference = pi*diameter = 942.5 metres.

What is the circumference of a 300 ft circular track?

if a jogging track has a diameter of 300 ft. what is the circumference

A pipe of ansi pressure rating NP40 is equivalent to what pipe in jis standards?

np40 is equivelant to ansi 300#

What is the diameter of a circle with a radius of 150 millimeters?

300 mm

What is the crater diameter of mt vesuvius?

The diameter of Mount Vesuvius is 6 kilometres.

What is the curb weight of the 2011 Chrysler 300?

The curb weight of the 2011 Chrysler 300 is 3961 lbs..