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The meaning in chemistry is identical to the meaning in statistics; weiggted averaging is useful in the processing of experimental data.

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Q: What is weighted average in chemistry?
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Is The Dow Jones Industrial Average a market value weighted or price weighted index?

The Dow Jones Industrial average is a price weighted index.

What do you add to your unweighted average?

You can't convert an unweighted average into a weighted average simply by adding something. You have to do the whole calculation for the weighted average.

What is the difference between Average method vs weighted average method?

in weighted average method we assigns the weight to the averages while in average methods we dnt do this

What is the difference between average and weighted average?

weighted average is an average in which each quantity to be averaged is assigned a weight. These weightings determine the relative importance of each quantity on the average.

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The multiples are the weights (or importance) associated with each observation on which the weighted average is based.

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weighted mean is getting the weighted average of students. normally, it is always use in computing the general average of the students to determine the ranking of the whole class.

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Yes, along with FIFO and LIFO, Weighted average is a generally accepted accounting principle.

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In a simple average every value is worth the same, but in a weighted average, the frequency of each value is taken into consideration.

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