What is wernickes rule?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Q: What is wernickes rule?
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What is the triad of Wernickes Encephalopathy?

Confusion, ataxia (imbalance) and nystagmus (rapid eye jerks).

What has the author Christian Wernicke written?

Christian Wernicke has written: 'Christian Wernickes epigramme'

What actors and actresses appeared in Tumult bei Wernickes - 1987?

The cast of Tumult bei Wernickes - 1987 includes: Kaspar Eichel as Karl Wernicke Carl Heinz Choynski as Emil Brandenburg Katrin Martin Christel Peters as Trude Felicitas Hesse Uta Schorn as Roswitha Hahn

When neurons in wernickes area send impulses to neurons in brocas area the white matter tracts utilized are?

Projection Fibres

An elderly gentleman has just suffered a stroke.He is able to understand verbal and written language but when he tries to respond his words are garbled.What cortical region has been damaged stroke?

i believe that it is the wernickes

What is the function of wernickes area?

The Wernicke's area is the part of the brain where the understanding of spoken language takes place. This function was discovered by and named for neurologist Carl Wernicke.

What are the three distinct areas of language cortex in the left hemisphere of the brain?

augular gyrus- ability to read aloud broca area-speaking and wernickes area-language comprehension

In mathematics the rule is l-hospetal rule or lhospetal rule?

L'Hôpital's Rule or L'Hôspital's Rule

Wernickes area and functions?

sounding out unfamiliar words. that and the broca's area would control the tongue.

Who said rule by few rule by one rule by many?

Aristotle came up with the rule by few, rule by one, and the rule by many.

What was Qing Rule was know as the rule of?

The Qing Rule was known as a rule of both Peace and Prosperity.

Rule by a powerful individual is called what rule?

Authoritarian Rule