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Q: What is width and length in fractions?
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What does fraction multiplication mean?

It means that the idea of multiplication is extended to fractions. For example: the area of a rectangle is defined as length x width; but the length and width may well be fractional numbers of a measurement, for example length = 5/3 meter and width = 1/2 meter. In this case, you must multiply the fractions for length x width to get the area (in square meters). The multiplication of fractions is defined in such as way that many important properties of multiplication, known for integers, remain valid when you multiply fractions.

How do you convert measurements to square feet?

Convert feet to inches and fractions to decimals-multiply the length times the width and divide by twelve

What are the dimensions of a table if the perimeter is 36 and the length is 5 times the width?

perimeter = length + length + width + width = 2*length + 2*width = 36 length = 5*width 2*(5*width) + 2*width = 36 12*width = 36 width = 3 length = 15

How do you you get the length if you have the area and the width?

Area = length x width Length = area/width

How many width are in a length?

Length / Width

Where is the length and width location?

Length and width

How do you find the length if you already have the width and the area?

If Length * Width = Area, then Area ÷ width = Length

How do you find the length if the width and area is given?

Area = (length) times (width)Length = (area) divided by (width)Width = (area) divided by (length)

Does a point have length and width but no height?

No. It has NO length, NO width, NO height. Only a position.No. It has NO length, NO width, NO height. Only a position.No. It has NO length, NO width, NO height. Only a position.No. It has NO length, NO width, NO height. Only a position.

If the perimeter is 48 If the length is twic the width what is the length of rectangle?

perimeter = (2*length) + (2*width) length = 2*width so perimeter = (2*2*width) + 2*width = 6*width perimeter = 48 so you can figure out the width and length

What is the perimeter of a table?

It is 2*(Length + Width).

In a rectangle which is the width and which the length?

The width is the smaller length.