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Its called factors.

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Q: What is writing numbers using place values and exponents?
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What is a system for writing numbers where the position of a digit determines its values?

It is a system based on the place value.

What is a way of writing a number that shows the digits multiply by their place values?

That is the special purpose of the zero didit in numbers, such as 1005.

What are the place values of the number 7600000000?

Individual digits within a number have place values, not whole numbers.

Describe how place value is used to compare decimals?

Align the numbers according their place values. Go from left to right (decreasing place values) until the face values of the numbers are different. Then the number with the larger face value in that place is the larger number.

How do you read large numbers?

i think that do read large numbers you should look at the place values. From right to left the place values are ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, ten thousands, hundred thousands, millions, and so on.

What is the median of a set of numbers if the set of numbers is even?

To find the median of a set of values with an even number of values, place the values in ascending or descending order, find the 2 middle numbers and add them together and divide that total by 2 and that's the median.

Is there a chart showing place values for numbers past trillion?

Which of these numbers has a greater value in the thousands place than 5834670?

That will depend entirely on the values of the sample of numbers in question which have not been given.

How are place values and periods useful in reading whole numbers?

there useful because then you will not now were are the thosands

How many numbers between 9 and 100 exist such that the product of the digits is greater than the actual number?

By the definition of place values representation of numbers, there cannot be any.

What is six tenths in expanded form?

Expanded form means writing numbers out with each place value's representation. For example, 32. In expanded form, you'd look at the 3 and say this is in the tens place. So you have 3 tens which means 30. Then you'd look at the 2 and say that's in the ones place. So you have 2. This makes 32 equal to 30 + 2.So expanded form separates things by their place values and adds them all up. And remember, numbers to the left of the decimal point are whole numbers. Numbers to the right of the decimal point are fractions.

How do you use exponents in place value?

a place value is for example the number is 1598 what is the place value in tens place is 90