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they look for coal not gold

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Where is gold extracted?

Gold is extracted from the earth itself, near the place underground where coal miners work.

What Indian lands were invaded by miners looking for gold?

IN 1874, the Black Hills Gold Rush took place in Dakota Territory in the United States. The lands of the Sioux Indians were invaded by miners looking for gold.

Who were the 49ers of the manifest destiny?

the miners looking for gold in California

What kind of minerals were the Chilean miners looking for?

gold nd copper

Why was looking for gold so hard during the California gold rush?

Because so many miners were looking for gold that all the gold was running out making it hard to find any.

What were the bene fits for coal miners during the gold rush?

People create great wealth and fortune for themselves

What were the miners called in the gold rush?

Australian gold miners were known as diggers.Gold miners are generally known as prospectors.

What indicators did miners use when looking for gold?

Other metals, like iron, that can be visable in the rock.

What kind of jobs did miners do after looking for gold?

go home to help the wives with some THINGS

Where there Native American gold miners?

There are native American gold miners in Africa

Why do miners melt gold into money?

Miners do not and are not allowed to melt gold into money.

When did Sacramento Gold Miners end?

Sacramento Gold Miners ended in 1995.

When was Sacramento Gold Miners created?

Sacramento Gold Miners was created in 1993.

What was the unique name given those who were searching for gold?

They were called the gold minersBack then they use to go to mines and mine for gold.That is why they were named gold minersgold mines-where they mine for goldgold miners-people who mine for gold

How did the miners get to the gold fields?

gold miners got to the fields by covered wagon's,or by horse.

Where did the gold miners lived during gold rush?

Miners stayed in miner's settlements during the gold rush.

Why did Chinese gold miners not like the European gold miners?

because they came from different countries? :/

What did gold miners eat in 1849?

The gold miners ate mostly beans, biscuits, and beef

When was Kirkland Lake Gold Miners created?

Kirkland Lake Gold Miners was created in 2003.

Is it possible to contract asthma if you work in a gold mine?

Yes, just like coal miners (coal miners have a high rate of lung related diseases.) Not everyone that works in a gold mine will get asthma. It can be the dust or something in the dirt or dust. If you find it hard to breath, are coughing and short of breath then you are going to have to use proper filtering systems on your face and if you can't do that then all the gold in the world isn't worth what you will suffer.

What type of houses gold miners live in?

the gold miners lived in: · Tents and bark Gunyahs: these were portable. · Miners Humpy: Some miners lived in a Humpy. · Slab hut

Who made most money from the gold in the Californian Gold Rush?

merchants or people who owned stores were however the people who made the most money in the California gold rush, because they made the miners who were looking for gold pay extra for food and shelter because the miners had no choice but to pay for these things!

What were the New world explorers were looking for?

Fortune; gold and land. Some were farmers and others were miners. Hope that helped. : )

What type of miners are trapped in Chile?

They are copper and gold miners.

Where were gold miners headed?

Toward gold.