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It is equal to zero.

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Q: What is x minus x equal to?
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Related questions

What is minus x when x is minus?

it is equal to +x

What does x minus x equal?


What is three x minus three x equal?

Anything minus itself is zero.

What does x minus six equal to negative eight equal?

If: x-6 = -8 then x = -2

What is minus 11 x minus 10 plus 20 equal?

Answer : 130

What is x squared minus one equal two using square root?

X= plus or minus 1

What is 2x-3x equal?

2x minus 3x is equal to -x.

What is x-squared minus 2 x plus 15?

It is impossible but if it were x squared plus 2x minus 15 the equation would be (x+5) (x-3) with x being equal to either -5 or 3. If the original problem was x squared minus 2x minus 15 the equation would be (x-5)(x+3) and x would be equal to either 5 or -3

The equation of the axis of the parabola x minus 3 power 2 is equal to 2 y plus 4 is Answer is x minus 3 is equal to 0?

Yes, it is.

4x minus 9x greater than of equal to -12 minus 8?

X is less than or equal to 4.

X minus 3 is less than or equal to 12?

x is less than or equal to 15

If X is equal to the square root of 81 what is X?

if x is equal to the square root of 81 then x is ±9 (plus or minus 9)

What is -x minus 5 equal -2?

If: -x-5 = -2 then x = -3

Two hundred minus three x is equal to nine?

two hundred minus three times a number is equal to nine

What does x equal when x squared minus 17x equals 60?

5 or 12

What is 63x minus 9y equal 351 -8x minus 9y equal -21?

x=372/71 y=-21/9

What does x squared minus 2x equal?

x2 - 2x = x(x-2) and that cannot be simplified further.

What is the answer to 2 minus Ln times 3 minus x equal 0?

so, if 2 minus Ln times 3 minus x equals 0, then 2 minus Ln times 3 equals x, therefore 2 minus Ln equals x divided by three, so Ln + X/3 = 2 therefore, (Ln + [X/3]) = 1

If 2x minus 8 equals 4 what does x equal?


3x squared minus 3 equal zero?

x = 1

Why does -1 squared equal -2?


What does a plus minus a minus equal?

A positive number minus a negative number? x - -x is the same as x + x because the negative signs cancel each other out and become positive. So, when you see two negative signs right after the other, just add.

What is a hundred miuns fortyfive times 5 equal?

100 minus 45 x 5 is equal to -125.

What does 2x2 minus x2 equal?

2x2=4 X -2=-8

What times what minus what would equal to 13?

5 x 3 - 2

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