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x = plus or minus 6.

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Q: What is x squared equals 36?
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Related questions

What are the x intercepts of the ellipse with the equation 9x squared plus 4y squared equals 36?

x = ±2

What is evaluate six squared?

find out what 6 squared equals. which is 6 x 6 and that equals 36

How do you graph x squared plus y squared equals 36?

The graph is a circle with a radius of 6, centered at the origin.

What does six squared mean?

Six 'squared' means six times itself (6 x 6), which equals 36.

What is x squared plus 5x minus 36 equals 0?

It is a quadratic equation and its solutions are: x = 4 or x = -9

What equals 36 when squared?

62 = 36

What is 144 squared 36 squared?

144 squared x 36 squared is equal to 26,873,856.

What does the graph of x squared plus y squared equals thirty six look like?

X^2 + Y^2 = 36 Y^2 = 36 - X^2 Y = (+/-)sqrt(36 - X^2) A circle. X = (+/-) 6 Y = (+/-) 6

Is fx equals x x equals 5 a linear equation?

no, because xx=x squared, and x squared is not linear

What does x times x equal?

x times x equals x^2, or x squared.

How do you factor x squared minus 12 x plus 36?

x squared minus 12 x plus 36 = (x - 6)(x - 6)

What does 6 squared equals?

6 squared = 6*6 = 36

X squared plus 9 squared equals 12 squared?

X = √63

What is Sin squared x - Cos squared x divided by 1 - Tan squared x equals cos squared x?


What are the x solutions for the equation 10x2 64 equals 36 plus 6x2?

If the 64 has a minus sign, then the solution is x = +/-5 Simplifying gives 4x squared = 100 ie x squared = 25...

Why is 6 squared rational?

Because 6 squared equals 36 and 36 terminates, or ends, which makes it rational.

What is the answer for-x equals -36?

if -x=-36 then x=36

What number squared equals 36?


What are some common math formulas?

Well pythagorus theoreum is a squared plus b squared equals c squared and circumference equals pie x diameter and area equals pie x radius squared

What is 6 squared?

That's the same as 6 x 6.

Why does x times x equal x squared?

Yes, x times x equals x squared.

X squared plus y squared plus z if x equals 7 y equals 6 and z equals 4?


If x equals 8 then x squared equals 64?


What is 36 squared?

1296. The square ROOT of 36 is 6. Different matters.

How do you factor x squared -2x-3 equals 0?

x squared -2x-3 equals 0 is the same as (x + 1)(x - 3) = 0