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x to the power of 6

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Q: What is x to the power 8 divided by x squared?
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What is x to the fifth power divided by x to the third?

x squared

Simplify x to the power 8 divided by x squared?

x^8 / x^2 = x^6 You will notice it is just a matter of subtracting exponents.

What is 6 plus the result of x squared plus 2 divided by 1?


7x squared plus x minus 8 divided by x minus 1?

7x + 8

X squared minus 6x minus 16 divided by x plus 2?


What is x to the power of 8 divided by x?


1 divided by x squared?

That's the same as x to the power minus two.

What is Sin squared x - Cos squared x divided by 1 - Tan squared x equals cos squared x?


What is x divided by x squared?


What is x squared divided by x?

x2 divided by x would simply be x.

What is x squared divided by -x?

x2/(-x) = -x.

What is the two formulas for getting power?

In general:Power = energy transfer divided by timeIn electric circuits:Power = current x voltage x power factorPower = current squared x resitancePower = voltage squared / resistance

What is x squared plus y squared divided by x?

Your expression is this... x2 + y2/x

Simplify fully x squared minus 4x divided by x squared minus 6x plus 8?

x^2-4x/x^2-6x+8 = x(x-4)/(x-2)(x-4) = x/(x-2)

Simplify 3xy negative 2 power divided by x to 3rd power squared?


What is the value of 8 squared?

8 squared = 8 x 8 = 64

What is x squared multiplied by x squared?

(X2) (X2) = X4 x squared multiplied by x squared is x raised to the 4th power.

8 squared add 5 squared?


What is X cubed divided by X?

X2 (X squared)

What equals 1 cos squared x divided by cos squared x?

1. Anything divided by itself always equals 1.

X squared minus 6x minus 16 divided by x minus 8?

First, factorising, we get: x2 - 6x - 16 = (x - 8)(x + 2). Then, (x2 - 6x - 16) / (x - 8) = x + 2.

What is 2x squared divided by x squared?


How do you factor 64-x squared?

(8 - x)(8 + x)

What Equals 8 squared?

8 squared is 64(8 x 8 = 64)

How do you factor x squared plus 8 x?

x(x + 8)