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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What is x y 3 and 3x - 4y - 19 solve using substitution?
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How do you solve 3x-3y9 Y-3x-3 by substitution method?

If you mean: 3x-3y = 9 and y-3x = -3 then by adding both equations y = -3 and by substitution x = 0

How do you solve the system of equation by substitution x plus 2y-2 3x plus 4y6?

If you mean x+2y = -2 and 3x+4y = 6 then by solving the simultaneous equations by substitution x = 10 and y = -6

Solve by substitution method y equals -4x - 7 y equals 3x?

y= -4x-7 y=3x 3x= -4x-7 3x+4x=7 7x=7 x=1

How do you solve systems by using the substitution method?

You solve one of the equation for one of the variables. For example, if the variables involved are "x" and "y", you might solve for "y". It doesn't really matter what variable you solve for first, so you can solve for whatever variable is easiest to solve. Then - assuming you got, for example, "y = 3x -1", in this example you would replace every "y" by "3x - 1" in the other equation or equations.

3x 7y5 and 5x-2y -19 can you solve for xy?

Can you help me find the value x & Y 3x + 7y = 5 5x-2y = -19

Solve this system of equation using substitution 2x plus 6y equals 24 and 3x-2x equals 24?

Solve this system of equation using substitution 2x plus 6y equals 24 and 3x-2x equals 24 ?Improved Answer:2x+6y = 243x-2x = 24 => x =24Substitute the value of x into the top equation to find the value of y:48+6y = 246y = 24-486y = -24y = -4So: x = 24 and y = -4

What is the answer for the ordered pair form x plus 7y equals 39 3x minus 2y equals 2 using substitution?

If you mean: x+7y = 39 and 3x-2y = 2 Then by substitution: x = 4 and y = 5

Solve this equation using substitution 5x plus y equals 1 and 3x plus 2y plus 2?

It is not possible to do so because the question contains one equation (5x + y = 1) and one expression (3x + 2y + 2). An expression cannot be solved.

Solve this equation using substitution 3x plus 2y equals 2 and -2 plus y equals 8?

From second equation: y = 8 + 2xSubstitute for y in first equation: 3x + 16 + 4x = 2ie 7x = -14ie x = -2 and y = 4

Solve this equation using substitution 5x plus y equals 5 and 3x plus 2y equals 3?

From first equation: y = 5 - 5xSubstitute for y in second equation: 3x + 10 - 10x = 3ie -7x = -7ie x = 1 and y = 0

Solve by substitution 3x plus 2y equals 6 4x-y equals 2?

4x-y=2, thereforey=4x-2sub y into 3x+2y=6...3x+8x-4=611x=10x=10/11

How do you solve for -3x-3y equals -15?

solve -3x-3y=-15

-3x-y equals 3 and -3x-5y equals -21 please help me solve the above equation through the substitution method.?

-3x = 3 + y 3 + y - 5y = -21 -4y = -24 y = 6 x = -3

Solve the quadratic equation using factoring 9x2 - 16 equals 0?

(3x+4)(3x-4)=0 x=±4/3

How do you Solve 24 - 3x -27?


What is the answer to 9x2 plus 54x-19?

(3x - 1)(3x + 19)

How do you solve this equation 3x plus 2y equals 12 solve for y?

3x + 2y = 12 ie 2y = 12 - 3x so y = 6 - 3x/2

How do you solve 5x plus 3x?

You can't solve 5x+3x there isn't a equal sign. But you can simplify it to be 8x

How do you solve each system by the addition method?

solve system equation using addition method 3x-y=9 2x+y=6

How do you solve -3x-52x?

you cant solve but you can simplify -55x

What does x equal in 3x 4-11?

what does the equation equal? if it equals zero: 0= 3x(4-11) 0=3x(-7) 0=3x 0=x if the equation doesn't equal anything, it means it's just an expression meaning you can't solve for x, you can only reduce (and this equation is already reduced). if the equation equals y, you need another equation and use either substitution or elimination to solve for x.

How do you solve 3x12?


6x plus 4 3x plus 19 what is x?

6x + 4 = 3x + 19 3x + 4 = 19 3x = 15 x = 5 Check it. 30 + 4 = 15 + 19 It checks.

Which order pair is the solution to the system of equations below using the matrix system 3x-4y19 3x-6y15?

If you mean: 3x-4y = 19 and 3x-6y = 15 Then: x = 9 and y = 2

Solve the equality 3x-1 is?

Baisiclyy 3x-1 3x-1 ____ 9x-1 then the answer is 8x :)

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