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X can't be solved, you don't have anything on the right side of the equal.

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Q: What is xx plus 2x plus 3x plus 6 equal to?
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What is x2 plus 3x plus 7 equals 6x plus 18?

xx+3x+7=6x+18 xx+3x+7-(6x+18)=6x+18-(6x+18) xx-3x-11=0 Factors of -11: 1,-11 -1,11 Doesn't factor evenly, use quadratic

What is the square root of XX -2X?

sqrt(XX) - 2x = X - 2X = -X

Is 9X2-18X plus 36 a perfect square?

No 9xx-18x+36 9(xx-2x+4) xx-2x+4 (doesn't factor evenly)

One number is five more than another and their sum is three less than three times the smaller Find the numbers?

Let x be the smallest number.So,x + (x + 5) = 3x - 32 x + 5 = 3x - 32x - 2x 5 + 3 = 3x - 2x -3 + 38 = xx + 5 = 8 + 5 = 13the smallest number is 8, and the other number is 13.

What is -0.5x2 plus 2x plus 10?

Doesn't factor evenly, use quadratic -.5xx+2x+10 -.5(xx-4x-20) No factors of -20 add up to -4

What is the difference between 3x and xxl?

It depends. Do you mean 3X as in 3 times X or do you mean 3 subtracted from X? (By the way, roman numerals are always capitalized) If you mean the former, then 3X is 30 which is equal to XXL (L being 50 and XX being the 20 subtracted from it). If you mean the latter, the 3X = 7 which is not equal to XXL or 30.

How do you factor the polynomial expression 3xx plus 16x plus 5?

NOTE: xx can be written as x^2 i.e. x squared 3x^2 + 16x + 5 = 3 x^2 + x + 15x + 5 (Since 16x = x + 15x) = x ( 3x + 1 ) + 5 ( 3x + 1 ) = ( x + 5 ) ( 3x + 1 ) Therefore the factors are ( x + 5 ) and ( 3x + 1 )

6x to the power of 2 over 2x to the power of 2?

If you mean (6x^2)/(2x^2), this problem is easy. (6x^2)/(2x^2) = (6/2) x (XX/XX) (XX is an easy way of writing X^2) 6/2 = 3 XX/XX = 1 3 x 1 = 3 so your answer is 3.

8 - 2x - xx?


What is 3xx plus 2 plus xx plus 4?

3xx + 2 + xx + 4 = 4xx + 6 = 2(2xx + 3)

What is IX plus XV plus XX?

IX (9) + XV (15) + XX (20) = XLIV (44)

What is Roman Numeral 20000?

20000=XX with horizontal bar above the 2X's.

What is the answer to 3x -2x xx 6?

Unfortunately, the browser used by for posting questions is incapable of accepting mathematical symbols. This means that we cannot see the mathematically critical parts of the question. We are, therefore unable to determine what exactly the question is about and so cannot give a proper answer to your question.

How do you do 6(5-2x) -4(3x 1)?

This is done by using a method called the distributive property. This is actually quite simple if we had x(y+z) we would distribute that xx, and get xy+xz. This is what we will use to solve this problem.If we take 6(5-2x) -4(3x+1) I have made the + sign bold, assuming that this is the symbol there.So next we'd use the distributive property and get 30-12x-12x-4.Now we would combine like terms, and get 26-24x.

X squared plus xx is equal to 15?

x2+xx = 15 Which is the same as: x2+x2 =15 2x2 = 15 x2 = 7.5 x = the square root of 7.5

How do you solve 8 xx 8?

how do you solve 8+x=x+8

How do you make cells on alchemy?

Well in alchemy classic it is 2x Bacteria but that's the only one I have found xx ;)

Is 10 a composite number?

yes because it is in the 5x 2x 10x and 1x tables xx abbey

What numbers stand for xx plus xx equals yyz?

x=5 so it's 55+55= 110

Is it true thet zac is dating asghley 2 and 2x vanessa?

No its not true, its just a rumer :P but he is dating Vanessa xx

What is 122 divided by 4 equal?


The chromosome number of a human female is 44 plus XX of a male 44 plus XY?


What is l11 plus xx in Roman numerals?

As l11 are not Roman numerals they cannot meaningfully be added to XX (20) to make any result.

What is XX plus XXIX times LI?


How many centimeters equal 44 inches?

A thousand hope this helps xx